Wednesday, September 22, 2004

First day @ Govt Law College-Cochin

my first day in the college came out as i Xpected.I was called out before the classes started and then came a saga of abuses.Then the seniors let me go(they found more prospective clients).After class,i was asked to wait and then another abuse session. At last a female dropped in and Xcerpts of what went B/W us-
she- wass Ur name?
she-wanna get cozy with me?
me-silent(prayed,plz earth split by half and gobble me up)
she-why are u silent?got banana in Ur mouth?....
she-am i that bad?

then came an angel and she relieved me from the hands of that bitch and guided me to the bus station.she left only after i boarded a angel for sure..helping freshers..
i gotta go tomorrow to the same college.Christ,it gonna be hard..gotta live.will add in details 'morrow if i don't get killed by seniors.

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