Thursday, September 23, 2004

First March of protest

The seniors forced us to go for a protest march to the Cochin Corporation office.The reason for protest-? Christ knows. we obeyed and i even chanted slogans and held placards,cursing the godamn asshole seniors all the time.I moved away from the group at the first chance along with Pappu(new Classmate),so didnt get belted by the police.Some asshole senior threw a stone at the police and they came with swinging lathis... I was away at a safe distance,observing the scene of poor unfortunate classmates of mine getting belted.The seniors were not any where near.
This is student politics of Kerala-God's Own Country.Innocent freshers getting belted for a coz they do not know and the only reason they participate is because,they are forced to.Christ
gotta go to college tomorrow,only god knows whether my absence was felt by any asshole life on the edges of a razor blade.

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