Thursday, October 28, 2004

Finally At Last !

I went for the part-time job today.Aint a great job,but has to stick with it at least till by resources get boss wasnt much bossy,but christ his wife's attitude is like that of a jumbo truck;dislocating poor pedestrians(she looks cute though).Tried dominating with english and i went first on the deffensive but then a later thought made me to call my shots.Afterall i studied in a great school,why be feeded crap from a convent educated mem-saab,with her crap language.Its at moments like these that i thank my school,all my english teachers from KG till my 12 std.
All tired.A good shower and then on to bed.
oops i forgot.I met a strange gal at my work place.Another Theresian ofcourse.

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