Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Web Of Life

“Web of our life is a mingled yarn of good and evil together”. The renowned English literate Sir William Shakespeare said these words. Now don’t come up with a conclusion that I, the writer am a guy well versed in literature and classics. I’m jus another ordinary being whose only knowledge is the experience that I’ve had in life. The starting line was there in the cover of my English textbook of 12 standard and it got embedded in my heart as the cover turned aged with the graze of my fingers on it.

Now the whole thing is about resolutions and keeping to it. I’m just another mortal who make brave resolutions, follows it for a week and then discards it. The maximum I’ve ever kept to a resolution is 68 days. I always feel that the happiness I’ll get someday isn’t worth the pain I undergo to keep my resolutions. I discard resolutions and I just live my life king size. I want to come up in life, I want to touch the stars and feel the sky and I really want to soar high up in the skies. I recently read “it’s hard to soar with eagles when u work with turkeys”, the turkeys with me are my laziness, my don’t care attitude and mostly my failure in keeping up with my resolutions.

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