Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Pet Peeves

1)Gals who xpect the guys to pick the tab on a luncheon date.

2)Condom ads that show the couple to be oh-so-perfect. What happened to couples with paunches and body hair???

3)The participants of pissing contest in all colleges.These guys walk like they are waiting for Dr.Singh to resign his post so that they could climb in.

4)Malaika Arora’s side profile that shows us that she has teeth that stick out besides having a sexy pout.

5)Call waiting - especially when people hurriedly cut short a conversation becoz they’re getting another call. What the hell? Am I a time filler or whaaaat?

6)Writing a long personal mail, getting disconnected, connecting again after 4 attempts and then being told that your login session has expired!

7)Long queues outside ATMs. That’s when you feel - the world is stinkin’ rich!

8)Peole who shout "dial 911".Apeing of western culture or is it being made an ape by American emergency numbers?

9)The LML Freedom add which features Shahruk Khan with his coloured hair and "Mein Hoo Naa" caption.Will the damn guy pay me the price for petrol.

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