Thursday, November 4, 2004


Life took its course and all were separated, on their way to chase dreamz. Closeness and affection never altered, it was only ‘the time’, which never made us be with one another. Academic dreams never had a place for buddies; only the ones about a happy tomorrow had friends embedded deep into it. “A tough world to survive and mere survival doesn’t count, only the achievements, success & the big bucks that makes a score”. With all the difficulties of this kind of life, all were attached with one-another; everyone had a mutual affection, which never gave way to anything under the sun. We met amidst our tight schedule.

Pastries and sweets and… mouth still waters thinking of the delicious inputs and mind swells thinking about the love that flowed that day.Later we,the guys did celebrate the union our way-vodka and Floyd. Long time since all gathered under the same roof, it was way back in school- those lovely, beautiful days of life that built in us, a love for each other that could never be snatched or given away for anything or anyone. Say something like atoms in a stable molecule, all are contended with each other and there isn’t a free space for another to get attached with us; it destroys the molecular stability. What made us this close? 12 yrs of seeing each other 6 days a week or a confidence about each other which never gets low…. Good God knows.

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