Sunday, December 26, 2004

Class Re-Union And TSUNAMI

The School Reunion went fine. or did it? It has been ages since i dropped in at Church. Can u beleive it, i didn't go to church for Xmas. We guys got together at Shankus place and from there went to school the ol' LORDS OF LAST BENCH- Me, Shankar, Sudeep, Sreekumar & Vinod Krishnan. Arun was away at Bombay with his brother. the whole thing started of nicely, but then i lost my heart on seeing Rijil and the crew. Christ i hate those guys. Princi had his boring lectures on and i wasn't all that social. I blasted the breaking the ice ceromony and said my trash to everyone. Guys had to go with me coz, most of them shared my views and i was the only one with the balls to say it aloud. Then Jdev made the explnations and he looks changed. The rest was ok. Gouri still has her stinking smile that has made fools outta Shameer and Suraj and JK and To some extend Sudeep and Sreeku my best side kicks. She needs real whipping man. Divya and the crew looked all strange at me, they had to coz i was weird. Not the ol guy who forgives, but a much more revised version. Who doesnt take crap and with helluva experience .

Dropped in at Sreeku's place after the Re-Union and Indira aunty awaited us with the details about TSUNAMI. Now wasn't that pathetic. Scores of people, innocent ones dying pitifull death. Has god lost his senses? I understood one thing common to humans thet is nothing interests humans as human trgedies. The bigger the tragedy, the more the people gather to have a view of it. Gotta leave the subjects, nothing makes all that sense and i sure am runnin a helluva risk typing it.

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