Friday, December 31, 2004


I don't know what has kept me away from my blog this long. Christ wasn't i stuck. Perhaps gotta start typing it from the month of december. The month of christmas and parties. But the only thing i had to do was write assignments and helluva them. Did get close with classmates and our group is getting more stronger both physically (no guy with a level head will take on Sidhu) and emotionally. My friends over here are
1) Pappu - A Kochiate. Loves bikes and gals. But of late he ain't all that interested in chicks. But got helluva contacts, drop him at the most secluded spot in the city and an acquaintance of his will surely turn up. Has joined a gym and plans to be muscles some day. Pappu in itself is a cute name so we haven't given him a new name.
2) Praneeth (4pack) - The guy from Kannur. Has a huge collection of PJ's. Christ, and the way he says it everyone sure will enjoy (even the Pati Savitri type chicks). Is game for anything. Doesn't give a damn about what anyone gonna think about him, coz he is game. Loves fiction(belongs to my breed).
3) Sidarth (Sid/ Sidhan) - The amazing combo of muscles and manhood. Guy weighs around 95 kg and is 6feet 4inches tall. Resembles Big John of the Robin Hood tale. It was only the other day that he messaged to 4pack that he had an erection for 2hrs. Aint that amazing?
4) Leepa (Pachalam) - She ain't all that fat or anything but she gets angry when someone says anything about her weight and we like to call her fatty. the other day she cried coz a dude(senior) commented on her weight. She is more of a gals school type who has just been introduced into the amazing world of guys.
5) Neethu (Niths) - She is THE GAME. Did one year of French and then shifted her interests to LAW. She is open and can form an ultimate female friend,coz she is open like hell. U can talk anything to her and she sure will pour her insights. But i believe she still considers us as kids.
6) Ponny (PP) - A gal with strict morals about life. On asking her what her ideas about her hubby is, she said " i will marry any creep my dad asks me to marry". Is allergic to booze and hated it when some of our clssmates droped in boozed and sure she hates fagging too.
7) Athira - U gotta watch ur tongue when talking with her coz, she believes that guys are bad. Another gals school product. I strictly doesn't wanna write anything more about her coz i can never say wat she gonna think about me if she comes across this some day.
8) Rahul (6pack) - Guy from Jabalpur. Doesn't talk with gals and isn't gay. Got 6 tyres around his tummy and hence this name. Most gals think that he is dumb, but that ain't the case. He doesn't talk to gal coz his malayalam isn't what anyone would say as mallu and try talking in english at our college and sure he will be whipped. Guy is chumma straight and even the gals in our group doesn't talk to him.
9) Zayd (Thallan) - Now i ain't sure if this is the real spelling of his name or what? He writes it this way and the it is Sayed M.... in the class register. An amazing guy indeed. Only god knows why on earth does he bragg about his dad and his flat (the mallu slut Kavya happens to be his next door mate in his words) and .... the list will never end. I believe i could start a new page dedicated to zayd, coz he makes history every single day. Is basically a good guy and has this amazing connections with the Mob in Cochin.
We guys have gone out frquently and sure hangs around even after the college is over. Getting to know more about each other and with time will form a head strong group.

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