Friday, February 11, 2005

The event full Friday

though i had promised that i will never write anything about her, gotta do. I got a gift voucher from Belgaum, and the only person i know who lives oer ther is her. Christ, she still cares about me and me about her. Poor kid, i should have said yes. Dude, wat is ur probs? U got oer it or u are trying for that. Leave her and ol memories bak in ur trash can and face life. Dont expect old faces to come to life again. U made it dead and now u gotta live that way.
Some one stole my wallet from tain. Lucky guy, he got 1k, on most days he would've been disappointed.
dad is having high blood pressure and.. stuff. Responsibilities are coming on. Earlier used to say that no one gave a damn about my ideas and now it is something like they want me to pour in my ideas. Christ.
It gonna be valentines day on Monday. Doesn't have any special person with whom i could celebrate it. Gals in my life ain't all that imp(mom and sisters xcluded)
will be back on Monday with new stuff

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