Monday, February 14, 2005

Flop V-Day

It was a stinking day. Christ, i wish i was at home with appa n amma, they are the ones i love genuinely. Christ, wat life? Couple of senior sluts called me up in the morning and came the helluva interrogation. wat do they expect? that i will pee in my pants. They even made Leepa cry. Praneeth came late and Pooja(manas flame) changed her plans. Pappu was rocking as usual and rahul and sid and nits were there. Hey, sid gifted niths a card.. is the guy serious? all the best both of u. And then about Ponni? She looked like she finds Count Draculla reincarnated in me. She is still away in her world. I doesn't know. But all together.. if this is how she gonna be, i too ain't gonna give a damn about her.
Everyone was in a hurry to reach home after college. Another thing, Leepa looked nice with her new hairdo. I can sense something building up in Tobin for her.... Hii Hiii
Gotta go and will be bak soon

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