Tuesday, February 1, 2005


New Year started of nicely, with me developing a crush about someone. But yep got oer it. The first weeks of Jan went fine and smooth and was rocking. But as time went i could sense cracks building up in our group. It all started after the week our class was suspended. Arun poured a bucket of trash or truth and we chumma grew apart. the guys at one side and the gals at the other end. Niths and Sidhu wasn't aware of it, coz they usually don't attend classes. I sensed it first and thought that it was just my wild imagination. But then Pappu and Praneeth too had the same feelings and Christ weren't we true. The gals didn't give a damn about us. Now that aint one expects of straight friends. Everything should and could be settled with proper conversation. We too drifted away and never gave them a chance to talk. I personally felt like hell. The ones i thought was mine were not even giving a hood about me. Then came the eventful monday and things got worse, and these guys Midhun and his group were crowding around my friends. And it seemed like they liked more to be with them rather than us...... Christ, i turned into a depressed psycho. Was doubt full of every one and Praneeth and Pappu sure helped me and i thing we all had the same kinda feelings.Thank god Niths and Sidhu wasn't aware of the all thing. Then the ice began melting, it is on the move. Everyone has started talking once again with everyone. But still we don't wait for the gals to go outta college. And sure the leeches are still there. Have i grown possessive? or is it any kinda envy creeping in me? if it is so, then for wat use? I believe, we guys complement each other pretty well and no one else in the class got the stuff to be in our league. Ponny, Athira nad Leepa sure can't be replaced with the other gals in the class. They are unique just like us and they are.............
The whole situation is being reviewed by me and 4pack and sure will have the solution. Did Midhun play any creepy stuff? i doubt it, coz the guy chumma sounds like a backstabber. I still remember the first month when i had brought my school photos for Pappu, this guy was all nuts. He said something about being lucky to have all these gals and made some wisecrack about the way me and Prabha was linked. Guy hasn't met great gals in life, that is wat i made out. But then wat is his probs if i got scores of friends oer the map. I don't know, but am dead sure of one thing he dislikes us that is me, Pappu and Praneeth. Christ his name makes me sick.
Got a seminar tomorrow and god knows wat i gonna do with that. I doubt my abilities. Cmmon guy, u got balls and u sure have been at far more tough places and gatherings. after all it is just ur class. U sure can provide the class with a smart piece of work. Remember the ones u did at school in front of all those strange faces and judges. yep, i can. see u morrow after the seminar.

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