Saturday, February 5, 2005

Ol Flames

I chatted with Shivani for more than an hour. She has founded a dude whom she suppose is great. Happy for her. At least she found out one. Look at me, said no to the best gal who ever came in my life and now looking around at the weirdest places. Christ, wat should be said about me? I gotta keep outta touch with her, doesn't want to rekindle any of the ol flames. Will try my max to not be online the same time she logs in. She said He isn't like me . He is athletic and is hard. Christ, we together messed the perfect relation. All for wat? Just coz U wouldnt have to hurt ur parents at the end dude. the ones who gave birth to u, the ones who made u this tall.
Great! I understand. The place i made her leave is still void in my life. I know someone will be there to occupy that void and make me whole. Shivani is history. I wouldn't ever mention about her. All the best dear. Keep rocking and enjoy ur life. We will always remain as mates who will always wish the other one luck. Bon voyage love, for ur journeys into the unknown.

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