Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Post Seminar n a MAD me

The Seminar went fine. i did an average work. wasn't in the best frame of mind. Niths and PP did their seminar too. They did it nicely. Ponni had mugged the whole thing. it was like she wanted to prove the point to our stinking mam. Christ aint she sick? Dont know wat the hell the whole thing is about.
Now i am feeling like hell, after all those long lectures and that son of a bitch Midhun hanging around our group. The guy and his friends need real whipping. Hey why on earth am i taking the whole thing so personally, the gals in my group stinks at times. Niths have been an expection. The rest chumma haven't.... nope i aint sure. i gonna ask the asshole to mind his business with his gal wat is her name? Ashwathy right. if he doesn't he sure got me at her back. Teach him to mind his porridge.
Wat has gone wrong in our group? is it that everyone has grown more possessive. I haven't been like this ever before. I never gave a damn about any one else. Was free like hell and didn't mind the single thing in world. Wat the hell, will either blast the whole thing or move away from the gals. Christ i am sick.

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