Wednesday, May 11, 2005


“Marriages takes place in heaven”, now it ain't my words, someone else’s! Then sure heaven gotta be here itself, in the god’s own country. Coz the toll of marriages is as heavy as it could be during this time of the year. Couple of our classmates got married and then two of our mates elder siblings. As I never miss a chance to have a free meal, I dropped in at three functions and sure had food. What else to do? I dropped in more or less because; I had a commitment to the concerned parties. I find sitting at my home more entertaining than being over there amidst the crowd and the humidity and not to say about the rush to the dining area. Seems like every single one gonna have a decent meal after ages. Christ, the whole thing is pathetic.

What does someone gain by getting married? An object to fulfill the sexual needs or better, ready and safe sex! Yes it is true to a certain extend; you don’t have to rehearse the lines every time you get the warmth growing up in you. Personally I believe two people waste their life by getting married. Along with the companionship and love, you get attached by strings which you never bargained for. Two people lose their individuality and their free will once they get married, both the guy and the gal is expected to share every single little thing that happens in the firm and while traveling and what not! Some say that marriage is a social institution for the development of human being as a whole (both in numbers and quality). What the hell? You don’t need to walk around the fire a dozen times or recite a prayer in front of the altar to have kids. And you don’t need to sign a marriage form in front of the registrar to believe each other completely. The faith that gotta be there between a man and his woman does not get transfused from the altar or the fire. Either its there or it ain't. Guys who get married with all the fire and forms too indulge in adultery. Marriage does not stop all that, it just provides the guy another mode of entertainment. It’s almost the same in the fairer sex too; they too are not left behind. Rather than all the elaborate rituals and functions, the only thing that is really needed is faith and individuality. Say something like – “I don’t go around knocking down dames and hope my wife don’t go around being knocked by some guy”.

Then the dough that gets blasted on such a day, lakhs and lakhs of money down the drain! Apart from feeding a 1000 starved people (which no one is, but the rush in the corridor suggests in the formation of such an opinion) and then having to hear what real good food was there or the complains about the papaddam being a little too small or the meat being a little too spicy. Nothing else is gained, a minimum of 300grands down the throats. At least, the money could be used instead for something else. But what …?

Even I may get married and I might find the things about which I bragged now as stupid. See u someday. If anyone feels offended, I am sorry, the whole thing is a little too open and no personal smudging is intended.

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