Saturday, May 28, 2005

Mission Hols A big Failure

Forty-five days have passed since my college closed, but I haven’t achieved the plans I made for holidays. Though lonely almost at all hours, I find this idling interesting. Thinking about what to do whenever the electricity fails and going through magazines and dailies as if they contain a hidden treasure for me. Falling asleep with books in my hand and waking up some time in the noon to continue with the reading, no brushing, no bathing… straight of from the last page I read before I slept. Long hours doing nothing and then crazy spells rectifying the mistakes in my computer, which are mostly non-existent and trying to make it the ultimate gaming pc! Long shower some time mid noon when the scorching heat of the omnipresent starts making me perspire as if I just went for a swim.

College reopens on the 1st of June and I am happy for that, but a little sad thinking about having to be involved in the vicious cycle once again – sleep, food, college, friends, boring lectures, assignments, room and then repeat the things in any order the student wish to follow. The time my college closed, I made a huge list of things to do, but couldn't fulfill a single thing. Thought about building up muscles, after all the effort nothing worked out. I did not even go near the R.T.O’s office to apply for a new license, and things like that… now I believe I gotta sing “Mein Aisa Kyon Hoo”. What is the big deal? Give me a break; I happen to be one of the most irresponsible guys the most vivid thinker could ever dream of… the usual spoilt and lazy brat.

Why do I always fail to keep my resolutions? Why do I always stop mid way while following my plans? Why do I sleep only when the craw quarks? Why do I sleep till the hot and humid sun wakes me up? Why do I prefer to eat after everyone has had their food? What am I trying to establish by wearing the same pair of tees again and again for weeks? Why do I engage in changing my operating system? Why don’t I have a proper conversation with my parents instead of the monosyllables? Why don’t I attend mass????? Lots of why’s and more why’s? Hey maybe because I happens to be the generation after the ‘X’, like The Hindu said in their article – The Y generation!

Got to catch up with friends, move out from the cocoon that I have made for myself. Venture out, meet friends of school, meet my college buddies, have fun, party and stuff. One more week at home and then back to college, to get closer to my dreams and stars.

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