Tuesday, May 31, 2005


My heart swells in the demise of my friend; she was a flower which never bloomed. With great pain I described to you about the demise of my friend, now it wouldn’t be proper of me to give up at least an obituary in honor of my friend. The idea never sprouted in my mind till today, the fault is on me coz I never thought about my friend, to remember some one you needs to have a pleasant memoir of the person and I fail to have one. All the things with her in it is a pain in the bl##dy a##, the way she was cut out from life will be a blessing to lotta people coz, she was a wild flower and such flowers cast a poisonous spell to the people nearby. Perhaps she might be alive for the world but not for me. Death is a certain and some people die in the hearts long before their hearts stop pumping life… a similar scenario. And its amazing that the friends and relatives of the deceased person doesn’t even give a damn thought about the poor soul.

But the thing that makes me feel wonder struck is the ability of the language. Use the same words to get the different meaning. Irony and sarcasm giving shape to hidden meanings and way to express the hatred that got born in you with just shade of thought about that person. Let the poor soul “rest in peace” till eternity.

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