Wednesday, February 8, 2006

‘Marriages Happen in Heaven’

Sanju chettan got married and Christ another male down the drain. What do people gain by getting married, a companion to listen to and to talk, safe sex when ever required and wat else? It stinks, the whole idea f marriage, sucks. The other day, myself, Hajir Ikka, Althea, Eslitha and the others of the 5ft gang had this talk about marriage and stuff. Myself and Althea agreed on almost everything… like live in setups, getting to know the person better both physically, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. Needa know if the person in whom u are interested is really worth it to spend the rest of the life with her. Anyways, I believe in living with a person with complete trust and understanding rather than tying the knot and spending the rest of the life cursing the knot. I forgot to add, Gini ammai too got married. I didn’t go for it because, I don’t believe in the Social Institution called Marriage. And by the grace of Jesus Christ, son of God had to attend a funeral on the same day. Any ways met Gini ammai’s hubby and guy seems kool… maybe they could make sense outta the whole marriage.

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