Thursday, February 9, 2006

Rang De Basanthi

The much awaited ‘Rand De Basanthi’ got released and I went for it along with Indu. Pretty good first half, the funky youth and the kool, freaky style; but they overdid the second half…made the scenes more tragic, overdid Aamir’s Punjabi dialect… and gets themselves killed without spreading catastrophe. The whole gang of Pooh and Lachu were there for the movie, 10 of them. The music is good with the video and the Paatshaal one somehow manages to make me pull off my shirt and dance every time I listen to it. Got a strict warning from home, amma gonna push me outta the place if she finds me playing the Paatshaala again.

hey on second thoughts...its one helluva movie..d blend of grey n colours are superb..n so is the theme..kinda awakens d dreamer in u.....(psst... i realized all this d second time i watched d movie...all alone...again at sridhar...)

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