Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dynamics-the funda of life

my first blogs were filled with incidents from my personal life..dynamics is the formula of life, some super stud said it long time back..i have no reason to prove him wrong..looking back on my life, i know i have changed..my dreams have changed, the priorities in my life have changed...my habits, my mannerisms to the size of my shoes have changed..the innocent young boy of childhood doesn't exist any longer, nor does the careless teen..guess along with the increase in my shoe size loads of things about me changed which aint worth mentioning..started these lines as a warning to all, who ends up reading my blog coz of sheer boredom, not to click the links to my earlier posts..it will bore u further..affirmative about that..
what exactly is the purpose behind my blog?? i dunno..do i want to express myself and care to do it?? no, i really don't care..is it an attempt to leave my marks some place on the public domain??like u type in my name in the google search bar and make a hit, "the growls of a street mongrel" comes on the list..guess that will be the closest reason i could probably say..

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