Friday, April 16, 2010

Mongrel is Back & Barking

life has been so very kind to me!!!
words filled with sarcasm?? i don think so..i feel happy to be alive..d span i had given myself on earth, "a quarter of a century" got over 6 months back n each day an extra bonus for me..thanking heavens for all d blessings i have got n all d blessings that been caught in traffic enroute from heaven to india..

when young (it definitely doesn't mean i am old and speaking looking back into my glorious 50 odd years on earth), say like 10 or 12, you are filled with feel you could outplay sachin and make a fortune larger than mr gates..with time the spectrum of your dreams gets narrow, you tend to understand the ground realities, sachin is one in a million and so is mr gates empire and far from being them or being better than them, all you want to be is make an yourself and leave behind a legacy,how muchever small it is..then there always is this problem of not knowing what exactly your dream is..that is the saddest situation of all..

want to make a decent living, wear labelled apparels, sport expensive accessories, travel in style, own your own crash pad you could call home, have someone to go back to at your crash pad, have a group of friends who looks upto you........dreams dreams dreams...these are all the average dream everyone shares...but there are some bigger dreams..aint there??
there definitely must be..because when i sit back and think, if there were no bigger dreams man kind wouldn't have been where it is now..i wouldn't have been blogging..i would rather be on the hunt for some animal to satisfy my hunger..the whole human empire is built on dreams and mankind will cease to exist when men forget the art of dreaming...

1 comment:

  1. I hope u and the entire mankind does nt forget dreaming...
    Keep dreaming..



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