Tuesday, April 20, 2010

mr. tharoor got KANE-d

two days back, the honorable premier of india accepted the resignation from mr. shashi tharoor, the mp from trivandrum kerala, as minister of state, who also happens to be a decorated diplomat in his early career..sure the decorations mr. tharoor has got is no match to the ones that are possessed by the man to whom he submitted his resignation..
being a keen follower of news and also one who attended sunday school for 10 long years, i couldnt help myself from thinking about similarities between what happened with mr tharoor and an old story i read in my catechism class as a kid..the story of adam's sons..kane and abel, in genesis and not the book 'kane and abel' by jeffrey archer..
"necessity the father of all great inventions", the quote that celebrates mankind, i feel like rephrasing it to "envy, the mother of all great down falls"
what exactly did happen to this flamboyant, charismatic, young, dynamic diplomat turned politician?? he used his influence or rather pulled the strings to get an ipl franchisee for kochi..acted as a mentor for the consortium..helped in compiling individuals with financial capacity to bid for the franchisee..he succeeded in his mission..kochi ipl franchisee was born..
i doubt whether this one year old baby minister in indian politics have the connections to make an undue influence with the whole bidding process and shape it the way he desires?? now we have witnessed our own special king makers from amar singh to lallu prasad yadav, these are people with hard core experience of knowing how to do and get things done in india..if one was speaking about old veterans of indian politics like them it would have made more sense..
his plans of marrying sunidha pushkar is another aspect which got him the high light..for chrisake, that is his personal life..he aint caught up doing adultery, nor is he caught up trying to marry a second time while his marriage is not dissolved..he divorced his second wife and is getting married for a third time..lets do a quick recheck about the history of our political leaders, we find loads of them having two wives at the same time and some has three and more..starting with the king from south, dr karunanidhi..no one says anything about that..his children from the first and second and third wife all has got ministerial posts or else some major post in the party..no one has ever bothered to say, hey dr karunadhini has got two wives at the same time..wouldn't that amount to anything?? in india it does not..know the reason why??because dr karunanidhi became big with years of experience and he definitely knows or atleast some loyalist of his knows to stitch those mouths shut..
i feel tharoor should have learnt the art of politics in india before indulging in it..14 months back he was a diplomat and 2 months later he was sworn in as a minister of state of the biggest democracy around..it surely must have upset a lot of people, both within the party and outside it..remember, we have politicians like lk advani, who ventured into politics before independence and i always believed his dream in life was to enjoy the chair dr.manmohan singh is sitting on now..he failed, couldn't make it and i don't think he has any chance of making it even if the bjp wins the next elections..that is how things happen in india..one has to grow gradually from ranks..only then the voices against you would be less..if not your growth leaves a thousand others envious and they will do everything to pull you down..
in mr tharoor's story, i am not sure, whether the role of kane was played my mr modi alone or a consortium of individuals and politicians who couldn't digest the fact that, the small city of kochin outbid every one else except one and bagged the ipl franchisee rights and the rise of influence of a baby minister of dr. singh's cabinet..whatever the reasons be mr tharoor i hope did learn his lessons the hard way...

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