Thursday, February 24, 2011


The smoke circled in the room, dancing a tune I had never seen before. I smelt of vodka and a faint trail of some cologne from the last morning. It was cold, lying on the floor; yet I was sweating. My breath was heavy, very heavy and my heart felt being crushed. But, a smile was hidden somewhere behind.

It was her perfume that made me look at her, she had some citrus flavor on. My eyes had no reason to complain, a dark chocolate, yummy she looked. I couldn't help but stare and she dismissed me with a smile. The evening gave way to night, my bottle empty and hands still shaking. Maybe I should stop drinking, but then without booze life will be lonely. I scrambled till the door, trying to remember where I lived. That is all what I remember from that  night and then I remember waking up in the morning at the girls place, from the bar.
When someone makes a complete idiot of himself the first time in front of a girl, she becomes a mother. Her guard is down and she would hug you to her bosom, if that would comfort you. Chocolate ended up fighting over vodka bottles with me on most evenings. Her citrus scent still made me crazy, but then the primate in me couldn't do anything.

But, she could and she dared. She initiated, I obliged more than happy. Her scent was driving me crazy and a beast I turned into.

She carried my marks and smelt like me, covered in my sweat. Filled with me and my life to come. The smile that dismissed me the first time was beside me, alone in sleep and not knowing the colors flashing across my mind.

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