Wednesday, February 23, 2011

inside a SQUARE !

Six years back, I read my very first Indian Case, Vishaka v. State of Rajasthan sometime in February. This is one interesting read, trust me. It has everything in it, love, violence, abuse & revenge; the whole concept of sexual assault was re-defined with this one. Thinking back about it now, boy, I did use ma brains. I tried figure out from where did the court borrow the language and I was successful in finding it out too.

And here I am, inside a SQUARE.
between rows and columns,  figuring how the hell does the functions work in a spreadsheet.

My second case, the one that hammered the concept, 'it will amount to be a sexual assault, if you even look at a female colleague with lust in your eyes'. oh my!!! dragged it a little too far, but then the Government and the Apparel Export Council, wanted to prove a point to some top brass of the bureaucracy. and A.K Chopra paid. every single guy who ever walked any place near a law school in India knows this guy. it is more like the rapist in that case. bloody hell, this guy didn't rape. he outraged her modesty with his gestures and it amounted to an assault, sexual in character as per the Court. (it is the lawyer in me bragging, don bother)

what nonsense?? a comment i read in a blog said, all potent men must have thought about rape one time or the other in their life. did i ever do that?? yes i have. it was for the heart and not for the urge. STRANGE! maybe alongside being a racist, i am growing in stature as a male chauvinist as well or maybe i must ask the good old females whether they ever thought about being forcefully taken??

Staring at a woman with lust is a sexual assault. This is what happens when someone tries being too good. Lines gets stretched. Do I look at woman in office with lust in ma eyes??  some i would say.. Do I make advances, NO.. Do I try do anything about it, NO.. Moses commandment on adultery, I broke that even in office!! I should have paid more attention during my catechism class and this wouldn't have happened. Do i regret about this in life?? NO, in fact saying it like the tax man I am, 'it has all been a learning experience'. But then it is not the Biblical justice we are talking about now.  there is this girl in office, who fills me with an urge like I haven't felt in a long time and yet all i want to do is be nude with her and make love rather than, rape her. Is this love what I have for her? YES, in a lustful way. is it like I am wired in a weird way?? or is there someone who would make a consensus with me?? Do I care whether someone says yes? NO..

for the urge and i never thought about rape, for the heart i was happy raping.


  1. ok, this regard, I must say, you guys have it tough...and btw, the other side of the coin is the same... i have a blog written about it, as to how perverted we women can get...and when it comes right down to it, sexual harassment/ assault, is power game and nothing to do with love or urge or lust, its a matter of who reigns supreme

  2. @ ranjana: i agree completely that when it gets to a sexual assault, it is the desire to be Viz Major,that plays the crucial role..then again speaking from my life, i neva felt so full of testosterone to rape someone..but with my heart or maybe conscious (if ever der is such a thing), i have felt the desire to forcefully violate a woman..its been coz of my desire to be supreme, revenge & so many other reasons, but neva bcoz my sexual urge demanded it..
    then the primate with the very basic urges, never thinks about a rape..but the learned civilized man, do think about it..


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