Thursday, March 24, 2011

HIBI seems good, thats all i say

Some ramblings from a person who would be best classified as non-political or someone who is a little, very little mind you, inclined towards the Nehru clan for their sheer mastery of history and intellect.. Boy letters to indira, the best example of what a dad writes to his 13 year old daughter, world history, from the ancient Indus and Mesopotamian to the contemporary stories from around the world, written from memory, from a prison cell. I couldn't do anything but sit in awe and admiration and that explains my political inclination, if ever there is something like that.I have seen Hibi in my college, though he never studied there, guess came to ours to develop the KSU. Now I am not a supporter of that cause, don't believe in student politics which is only the younger version of a grown up political party. Maybe if they had some ideology to preach, real ones mind you, i would have been happy following. I haven't ever spoke to him and our acquaintance extends to a smile, 100 meters away from the college gate during elections the last year of my college. He knew I had a vote and it didn't hurt him to smile, so smiled. That is my take on it. I am a realist, so please don't mind the pun. But leaving aside all that, let me get the facts straight for you.

This guy seems to be someone just like you and me, he has got a face book profile, maybe with more friends than you and I; seems to wear not always the mundu, but the levis as well; do not resemble that old uncle in your family, who coughs so very bad; looks healthy and boy he speaks in English and a little bit of Hindi like a normal mallu; shares some mutual friends with everyone of us in Facebook...the thing is, I find it easy to associate with him. He seems to be withing my reach, not some random guy whom I vote for and then never hear again for 5 years. If he does nothing, to express my anger, i can abuse his wall on facebook or write a blog about him, abusing him. He seems to live in the same world as I am, not in some time when land reforms and communism came into effect and some sect got inspired by the Maoist thoughts, nor during a period when we are at war with China nor someone declared emergency for political gains.Dr. Sebastian Paul is a worthy candidate, a veteran who retired into the practice of law, when the CPIM in Kerala had a turmoil. I am not a fan of him, but sure respects him for some of his articles and true, the man is good. Having said all that, I think, he shouldn't have ventured back again into politics, because the politics today is not worthy of him or at least the CPIM doesn't deserve him after the way they treated him last time.

"Honey so sweet that a sip will make you a slave for ever", that is what some wise man said about power in a democracy. Lets wait and witness the tales unfold of treachery and fights in the coming days, the circus we get to witness and the gimmick that is made out of the whole thing called, democracy and mind you in the GODS own COUNTRY. Guess Zeus is sleeping or he is bored interfering :)


  1. KOD Balkrishna@ dis is what makes my communist comrades, the top people on my dislike list.. never open for opinions or ideas..reason and logic fails with them, because some place down, comrades been blessed with the ability not to think..they act on what the party think tank says..and all d good brains they have, put to no use...

    Thomman Chandy@ achayanmarudeyum sabhayudeyum manam kaathu?? i am sorry, i am not a practicing catholic nor a big fan of the congress party..and i dont think i wrote something defending my convictions in dis regard..the write up was my reasoning as to why Hibi seems to be a better candidate..and please read nothing else to it..

  2. Vivaramillatha congassukaarkkathokke thoonum.
    Tathvikamaya avalokanathepatti tanikyendado ariya?

    Vikhadanavaadikalum pratikriyavadikalum avarkidayilulla sajeevamaya anthardharayepattium tanikyu vallathum ariyamo?

    Neeyokke vargadhipatyathinedeyum colonialist chinta saranikaludeyum aalanallo.

    Radicalayittu ninneyonnum maataan pattilede.

  3. Heya dude. You look like me, but not as cute as I am! Are you as cool as I am? I am a world cup hero!


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