Thursday, March 3, 2011

sukham olla oru MARANAM

സുഖം ഒള്ലാ ഒരു മരണം 
a leisurely DEATH
I breath. I eat. I live Do I?

dawn is making way for the dusk, the Omnipotent works his wonders burrowed in mystiques. change, the secret behind, "the green grass, the blue sky, in this beautiful world..." as the song goes, is the biggest of them all. from my mothers womb (it is the hidden catholic inside me speaking i believe), till this day, it has all been a good vacation. change, i witnessed, or rather i thought i witnessed. i had fun playing alive.

a thing so intriguing, the period before my conception &  the one after i leave this flesh i am wearing; i feel ashamed to be called a man, the wisest of all. my imagination fails making true my conception again. but...

a probe into future, the real future, blissful  it will be. the perverted Mr. Omnipotent, blessed us with a void, when the other period surfaces. I wish to be awake from this dream called life, i need my answers. death, my twin in this dream, she is the only one who could quench my thirst. a leisure, death surely will be.


  1. And change that goddamn profilepic, dickhead. Looks like you are trying to hide your boobs.

  2. And by the way, there is no spoon.

  3. @payne,max whatever ur real name is.. u pretty funny d max payne pic on and u r asking me to change ma profile pic..dats d height bro..

  4. payne,max@and i guessed right..none other than wow.. boy, strong words of abuse from the collector of old machines and older notions.. wats great about twitter? i find none..maybe u should enlighten me dude..
    and gotta tell u, leave of hiding behind this e a sport invention and be urself da..


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