Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a tale of prodigal love (continued 2)


He couldn't believe his eyes as he looked up to see the female walking down the corridor, "so the client was in fact HER", he thought, it was this females memory that had made him want to name the woman at his place Sarah. "Small world isn't it," he said as she walked in, extending his arms, a moments hesitation and she shook his hand. "Indeed it is a small world. I never thought I will be meeting you today. Now that I saw you here again, I know, I was exactly looking for someone like you", she said and looked up at the Partner and added, "I am happy with your choice of lawyer sir. In fact we were friends back during the college days and I am well aware of his abilities."

The partner looked baffled, he knew there was something more than what was put on display. "There definitely is a story underneath, but that could wait till we get to hear her problem and if it is worth the time then the story can be heard after we get her to sign the papers." She sensed the doubt in the partners mind and started with her reason for coming, "I need a divorce on the grounds of domestic violence and a good healthy maintenance if possible. I have been married for 5 years now, but couple of months back, my husband came to know about an affair I had while in college and things been different since then. He has been drinking too much and beating me up regularly. Things can never be the same and I feel I should leave him to fight with his devils and I carry on with my life."

The ease with which she said about it made the mind of the two males present in the room wander. The partner thought about the case at hand, the chances of winning it and the percentage he will be asking as his fee, "this is one strong case, the lady is educated and strong. She wont break down in the court and we can settle in with a good maintenance, if we play it straight. hhmmm things will be easier if she can provide a thread of dirt on him to probe on and make him look dirty". While Ram's mind was comprehending the change in the girl he knew and the woman who was in his office today, "she looks the same. Maybe has grown a little fuller at the right places, it has only added grace to her..", his mind did a quick-run of how they had met initially and how things turned out.

She was a shy girl from a very small town pursuing her dreams, studying in Cochin. The wonder called mobile phone was what opened the gates for him, into her life. He remembered vividly the day when they made love for the first time, the tears that followed, the sobs of losing something which she always treasured and the vain efforts to comfort her. Finally she stopped crying when he promised her that he will marry her as soon as he passes out of college. Then it was always a routine, she spend many a nights with him in his moderate accommodation, making love and fixing many a meal for him. She wanted to move with him and make the bond stronger, as if she wanted to tell the world that she was not afraid to be making love with her loved one without the security of marriage. But he never agreed to that. How could he? a constant female in his pad would mean 'no' to all other females who might adorn his bed. And finally when she came in un-announced one night, she found him naked with her friend in the shower and cry was all she did. Amidst sobs she kept repeating, "you took everything I had." She left for her native and he never heard anything more.

"Your case seems to be strong and we could go ahead with the filing of papers as soon as possible..", he quickly became aware of the place he was at and listened to what the Partner was saying, "Ram will deal with your issue and do the best we can. Trust him, your divorce is safe in his hands".


"So you are saying, all this happened because your husband came to know about us?", he asked. She nodded her head and he had nothing to tell her back and so said in a professional reassuring tone "don't worry, everything will be over soon and you will be safe", saying this he saw her off from his office, after taking a note of her phone number.

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