Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a tale of prodigal love (continued 3)

 “On a dark dessert high-way, cool wind in my hair.......welcome to the hotel California”

“Oh fuck, I forgot to turn on the silent mode”, Ram thought and all the heads in the court room turned to him, trying to figure, from which part of this lean fool was the music coming, making a clown of law, just like he looked. Red eyed and with the starting of a tattoo visible, behind the unruly locks falling over his ears. It was a regular day of work after the surprise of the morning, running around getting things done and hungry because of skipping grub in the morning and that is when SHIT HAPPENED, just like the bumper stickers.  The mobile screen read ‘Sarah calling’ and out of curiosity, rather than anything else, he excused himself to attend the call.

“Yeah Sarah, tell me...” he said in a muffled tone so that none could overhear him. “Can we meet for lunch today at the City Park restaurant, like old times? I need to speak to you about an important thing, which I couldn’t while we met earlier”, she answered him with a question, the talent that god blessed the fairer members of the species with and he agreed to meet her for lunch.


Driving to the restaurant, he remembered the ‘biriyani’ which had made the place his favorite, the fact that it was so very near to his college the extra cherry. He could sit the three fourth of an hour out with someone at the restaurant, enjoying a smoke and could easily walk in when the roll call began in class. Nothing has changed much, he was proud to be a lawyer who attended only the roll call, who popped in to plead his case; maybe his arrogance, maybe his ignorance, but he never cared enough to find the right reason. “What could be so urgent, that she wanted to meet me at the good old restaurant today itself?”, his brain failed to find the reason for this question, though he probed so very hard for an hour. “Maybe, I should quit the smoke and the vodka. It is alright to make me sterile now; it really doesn’t matter. But if my brain can’t find answers, I am done”, since though by mistake of his beloved better-half and her ‘so called dreams’, he did prove his virility but he was yet to give birth to his master piece, some dream about which he was not yet sure of.


She was there waiting for him, at the corner table away from almost all the prying eyes wearing a black dress. “Damn. She still could make heads turn and eyes pop out”, it was what flashed across his mind this time when he shook her hands. “hhhmm Sarah, tell me what could be so important that you wanted to meet me twice the same day, after like 10 years”, he asked her. “You haven’t changed a bit Ram, still the same, impatient and restless asshole. First let us eat Ram, satisfy the call of tummy, for which you and I are living and then talk”, she sat down and glanced at the waiter; who came running, remembering them from younger days. “Two chicken biriyani and lemonade”, she placed the order, her eyes leaving him alone not, for a moment; trying her best to read what is going through his mind.

“It has been very long Sarah, since we met. So I am naturally all curious,” he was ready with defense, the young shark that circled the dark waters of law in Cochin always had a defense, “let us eat and then talk like you said”. “I don’t want to keep you in the dark for long, Ram. What I have to tell you has nothing to do with the case. Rather, it is personal and I felt it right to ask you first before doing something stupid”, her words were measured. “I lost my virginity to you in the excitement of college and I am still paying for it, with the latest thing that has happened. I cried initially and even thought about putting an end to my life, but then I was naïve and young. With time, I forgave you and even managed to forget you. But my stupid husband left me 6 months back because, he thought he could sleep around even after marriage, but the news of his wife being in an intimate affair in college, was all that it took him to slam the door on me. Male chauvinist pig. I should have known better,” she said with contempt, hatred at its epitome.

“I have a proposition to make, which I believe would be of your interest”, he was clueless what she had to offer. She kept looking at his eyes, wanting to catch the demons, if they ever danced, but none did. She felt confident to go ahead, kept her hand in his and continued, “I don’t want to make the mistake of marriage again. But, one thing I will miss is the sex. I could get a boyfriend, but then it might turn out to be just like old times. I can’t risk it again, the gossips and talks that might follow and then the stupid drama of a marriage and all the crap that comes along. I need a discreet relation, wherein I could just be myself and not hide anything. I thought about it for long and after meeting you in the morning, I felt, you would fit into the piece perfect. I know none as discreet as you and you are not all that bad in bed”. Her words took him by surprise, Sarah was asking him to be her lover-in-bed and this time the hassle of marriage wouldn’t even surface. He didn’t need to think much, “Yes, I would love to do it with you and don’t worry about being discreet. The proposition you just made will be awesome once my wife comes back. She wouldn’t ever know about this and I will wait this circus called marriage to get over. I will be discreet, but I need the same from you as well.”

"Aaah great. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint me this time”, she leaned across and kissed him on the cheek, making him blush, like a teenager after being kissed for the first time. “I would like to start this new relation of ours at the earliest, if possible within the hour”, she added. He did want to go along with her suggestion, but the realities sunk in. He had some important clients to meet in the afternoon and missing the meeting might tilt his already ‘hanging at the cliff’, job situation, because of sleeping with the Boss’s daughter. Also, the female he had called the last night might still be in his flat. “Hhmm I will give her some extra money and send her home tomorrow morning”, he thought and added, “Sarah, I would love to get naked with you and be one with you now, at this very moment if possible. But then, I have some important things to attend today and I guess tomorrow would be like a perfect time for us to start with this new relation of ours. After all, if we could wait 10 years, I guess we could manage one more day”. She smiled making him remember her from younger days and said, “that is alright Ram, I will be ready and waiting for you tomorrow evening at 7PM here in City Park”

Ram thanked his stars while driving back to the office, the equations just got better. Sarah would spice things up and better still she still looks a stunner.

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