Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a tale of prodigal love (continued 4)


There was a spring in his steps when he got out from the car after parking it near his flat. The watchman called him and he remembered, “shit, they found who made the dent in that new car”, he thought as he walked to the watchman. “Sahib, your friend left the flat keys with me. Here it is,” he said innocently. “Haan ok. Thank you Mishra,” he mouthed a thanks and wondered what a great day it has been.

There was nothing missing that he could think about, from his flat. “It was stupid to have left the keys with her, thank god, she was the good kind”, he said loudly and typed in ‘SARAH’ on his mobile phone and called her. “Hey change of plans, can we meet for dinner tonight instead of tomorrow?”, “yeah off course, I don’t mind”, she answered. She gave him the driving directions to her place and they agreed to meet in 2 hours time, enough time for her to get ready or cook something, whatever she wanted.

He scrubbed himself clean under the shower and applied a generous portion of cologne. He wanted to smell great for her, it was something he never thought will happen, but was happening and excited he surely was.


He lifted her ,the time she opened the door, embracing her and kissing on the lips. His lips sought hers, kissing softly and then slowly like a serpent, his tongue darted out and forced her lips to open. She reciprocated and both were lost in a battle of tongues, as if sucking the life out of each other. Her legs were wrapped around his waist and he held her tight to his chest. Like an animal, she was hissing, urging him to force her open and fill her with himself. A bitch in heat, she tore away his shirt and burrowed her head on his chest, licking his nipple and slowly biting them. He couldn’t take it much longer and surrendered himself to her, hopelessly in lust. She dragged his denim down and knelt down to fondle his manhood. “oohh she did learn quite a lot from the last time we met”, his mind always had a way of its own. He pulled away from her and tore the night dress which posed a resistance between them and forced himself inside her. It was not hard, she had adjusted herself and he slipped in with minimum resistance, “wow, who said the world is a big place. I am treading on the same path that I took ten years back”, he thought as he entered her. The groins grinded, and she bit him on the neck and the force with which she was biting kept increasing with every thrust. The ten years of waiting was too much for both to handle and her moans grew louder and louder. Finally like an eruption, he came inside her, filling her and she tasted blood on her lips from his neck.

Breaths heavy, hearts pounding and still her legs around him hadn’t loosened and they lied down on the cold floor entangled. “It was awesome…the first time I am feeling after ages”, she said and he nodded, “yeah it was great”.

They were not done yet, the next time they were slow, awakening each other and softly and slowly like a newly married couple, as if making love for the first time; they consummated their union again and again till the early hours of dawn. He couldn’t remember when he slept, but sure did know that even while sleeping she had wanted him to be inside her and kept kissing his forehead as he drifted to sleep.

“Kiss me and smile for me..tell me that you will wait for me..hold me like you will never let me go..….I am leaving on a jet plane.”

Sarah’s eyes were still closed when he opened his, listening to the alarm. “Hhmm life truly is mysterious”, he smiled and slowly tried get out of bed. “Good morning Ram”, she opened her eyes, smiled at him and said, “trying to get out of here like you always do after the magic is over? But this time you won’t WELCOME TO THE CLUB !!”

He couldn’t believe his ears, so asked her yet again, “what did you just say?” She smiled at him with a pity and said, “Ram, you had sex the whole night with an HIV + person. The story about the divorce was just something to get to you. The incidents are true, but it happened 6 months after marriage and not now. He left me because he heard about you and the bastard slept around a lot all the time he was married. I tried having whatever all you and my husband was having, and boy the ride was fun. And finally I ended up being infected and I am not sure from whom. But then, in my heart I knew whom to blame…YOU… You changed my life for the worse, giving rise to a chain of events, wherein I was just a pawn, a spectator helpless to mend it. It is time for you to pay. Suffer in the knowledge that you will die a painful long death, secluded from your friends the next time your insurance people examine you for the annual checkup and let out the news."  

Speechless and devastated, he sank on to his knees, holding his head and cursing the day when everything started.


  1. good...!!!
    bright future awaits you...!!!


  2. thambi @ ha ha thank u :) bright future, am i really bothered?? naaah.. looking forward to what lies ahead ;) i guess dats where the true fun is.. den d story is all filmy like my friend in office Fattoo said..maybe i should try cook up some story for a movie and find some loser producer and ruin him.. what say?
    glad that u read ma blog :)

  3. interesting read, the whole of it. had fun going through it as it was quite engaging. come up with more such stories. proud of ya. loved the end bit....got me cracking.


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