Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a tale of prodigal love (continued 1)


"Oh  fuck !", he sighed as he bumped his car on to his neighbors, in the parking space, he didn't care about being loud. He wanted to be in office by 8AM and by no means was he a Michael Schumacher nor this the F1. He looked around and made sure none saw the damage and with no hesitation kept the foot on the gas. "I could deal with the neighbors car later, if he ever finds out that it was me who made the dent", his mind had worked out the probabilities the time he was looking around, screening the area for witnesses. Like a sponge, the brain absorbed the scene and worked out the permutations, all in seconds. His brain or rather his ability to absorb details and work out the combination was a thing he had been always proud of. He cared not much about anyone else, "self-centered and not selfish, mind you", he always reminded his acquaintances whenever they mentioned it. He couldn't stop a smile from appearing on his face, if ever a picture of that smile was captured, it would have had expressed him more than any human who ever knew him. He never shared his thoughts. It was all private, layer by layer stacked in someplace.

"What is so urgent that the Partner wanted to meet me first thing in the morning? Things been well, my stats are on track..what could it be about? Does he know something about my nights with his daughter?", his brain was always like this, a big processor which keeps analyzing data and tries to answer questions. He was clueless and his thoughts reached a wall. "At least the traffic is not bad, I could easily make it by 7:50", he said to himself and pressed down on the gas with a bit more of vengeance and his mind wandered on to the woman in his flat. "I need to ask her name in the evening", he remembered. "Names never mattered for a night, but when things were the same for a week, yeah some name did make sense. If it is some hard one to pronounce, then I will call her Sarah, for the sake of old times", he thought with a sarcastic grin.


"Good morning young man... Ram, before you sit down, please make some coffee for me and then we can start", the Partners voice boomed as he walked into the chamber. After a long gaze at him added as an afterthought, "You please make one for you as well. You look like you haven't slept... So you do get to witness this time of the day when duty calls? I thought you wouldn't make it on time after what I heard from my daughter about you in the party last night." "This is the problem with that bitch", he whispered to himself, "she believes having slept with me, she has absolute right over me. Every time I go with any girl other than her, she goes tell her papa about my drinking and how big a flirt I am and this never happens if I had spent the previous night entangled with her in my bed. Bitch ! Got to talk to her about that. Her papa owns me or rather pays my bills but not her".

"You must be wondering, why I wanted to see you up so early in the day?, well I feel you need to be informed about our client before she comes. Her name is Sarah, an engineer working with Woogle. She had called yesterday and said she needs a good young criminal lawyer, who has the mind of a criminal". The partner updated him about the reason behind the wish to meet him at 8 in the morning. He had a chuckle when he added, "I could think of a few if only the first criterion was to met, but she was quite vehement about the second criterion and not the first. I could think of none other than you, who would fit the bill perfectly". "Oh that is my pleasure for being of help to you", he replied and thought "bloody hell, the old goose knows that I have been screwing his daughter and this is his idea of revenge, dragging me up early in the day to attend to some divorce case, as if the whole life of earth depended on it."

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