Tuesday, March 22, 2011

a tale of prodigal love

06:53 AM
"Kiss me and smile for me..tell me that you will wait for me.........I am leaving, on a jet plane..." 

The mobile phone alarm was punctual, on the precise spot. "THE one technology that paved in roads into so many bedrooms of both young and old, even past midnight. Infidelity was no longer a taboo, not an impossible task, but only a mixture of carnal instincts, good wooing skills, a sense to remain discreet and BINGO. Things were easy, 10 numbers was the distance and then you could be in the room of your choice". This was the first thought that flashed across his mind, when the phone rang at its designated time. He didn't extend his hands searching for the phone, but closed his eyes and thought about the previous night. "It was no different. It had been like this for some months now, a little vodka during dinner and then the beloved phone, closes the space of ten digits that separates me from a list of members of the fairer, prettier sex. The shots gets played, the price  negotiations  over, I spend every weekend embraced in the hands of a 'pretty woman'."

 He wanted the alarm to wake her up from her sleep and also wanted a little time to get his bearings clear in the head before doing anything else, the alarm turned off automatically. "Now it will ring again in 2 minutes. wow. That is technology. God bless mobile phones."; he murmured a silent prayer and thought about his wife. "She is with her parents now, feeling blessed and happy carrying what people say as my child. Hhmm it is true." He sighed coz he knew she had all the fun before getting married, but then after that she has been adamant about her vows and wouldn't even think about having an harmless swap with the D Souzas. "Mrs D was hot man, with aureoles bigger than the new ten rupee coins", his memory of Mrs. D made him grow and he slowly rubbed his groin. It was not all that a great feeling and his thoughts wandered back about his wife. "Even that was something the mobile phone did, a mistake or blessing?", he was not sure, but he did remember things, just like it all happened the day before the previous night. She studied at the nearby girls college and shared her hostel room with his class-mate Poornima, for whom he had hots. He realized he could kill two birds with a single sling shot, the first time she answered his phone call on Poornimas phone, while the owner of the phone was taking a shower. The phone was the hero again, and things worked out perfect. Everything was perfect, the text messages to the late night calls and finally to intense fake orgasms over the phone and many a time he knew the climaxes were not all fake. Thanks again to the little friend... But things took a U turn some time later. "I got bulldozed into this whole fucked up thing called marriage" His mind just continued on a path of its own. "When things went bad, I should have dumped her after college", he felt helpless for a while, completely blank and not sure about himself for a moment.

The brown aureoles of Mrs. D was the next thing that came into his mind, bringing a flash of life in his groin; as if he was in coma and then lightning struck on the genitals, like in the famous painting and then the libido jumped to life.

06:55 AM
"Kiss me and smile for me..Tell me that you will wait for me..Hold me like you will never let me go...coz I am leaving on a jet plane...oh babe i hate to go"

He listened to the country song with more patience this time, before divulging his thoughts on to something else. "My wake up call and I have to leave my beloved, the bed and not the woman who is lying in it. But the female design lying by the side got another purpose to fulfill."  All thoughts again. But this time more like a soldier in combat, thinking about what is to be done about the problem at hand, the stir of the libido caused by Mrs. D. His hands stretched to the other side, going under the bed sheet, in search of the feminism sharing his bed. "hhmm her skin is smooth even in the morning after being washed off all the lotions and scents that women apply. Better still, she hasn't bothered to get dressed up after the episode of flesh's love at night. This will be good, quick and fast. I could stagger to the bathroom only 2 minutes late than the usual time. Maybe if things stretch a bit, late by 5 minutes, not more than that".

The shrewd brain of the lawyer worked out the probabilities from a clocks perspective and the hands which were grazing on the small tiny hairs near her naval, made a sudden rush down south as soon as the target was locked in the brain. He quickly climbed on top of her, making her wake up, with a smile. She responded encouragingly, "this female is good, not much fuss. She even knew to fake a smile," his mind always had something to say about everything. He leaned into her and her hands guiding him, her legs making way for his manhood. His lips slowly sought hers, making a wet trail from her bosom up. She tilted her head, not wanting him to kiss her on the lips. But then he had no plans of withdrawing the offense, his lips finally managed to find hers, but then all he could do was kiss her closed lips. "She don't want me to kiss her proper, because she didn't brush", his mind would never stop. Then he remembered, "maybe it is because I haven't brushed and she don't want me to kiss her".

Everything came to an end, an abrupt end to a tale of flesh without reaching the climax. She looked at him wondering whether she did something wrong, but didn't get an answer from his face. "Maybe it is because I didn't let him kiss me", she pondered and blurted out. "What happened ?" He answered, "just confused why you didn't let me kiss you. Is it because I haven't brushed and you will have to bear with my smelling mouth or is it because you haven't brushed and I will be forced to bear with yours?" She didn't know what to say back, but to kiss him fully on his mouth. Hers was an act of desperation, she didn't know why she didn't let him kiss her initially, but then didn't want that to end an extra tid-bit she might earn and maybe a moment of bliss even she would share. Her legs wrapped around him with more vigor and he obliged. Kissing her and driving himself into her like a beast.

"Kiss me and smile for me..tell me that you will wait for me.....leaving on a jet plane.."

He arched his back, she drove her nails into him and the alarm sounded all in a series. A final thrust and then spasms of weightlessness and bliss, when he emptied himself into her. "All over in 3 or 4 seconds, but it always seems like eternity", he thought while rolling off her. Slowly he walked out of the bed and headed to the loo. "Bang, I made it within the limited time ! " 7:00AM and in the bathroom, he thought about the story unveiled on bed moments earlier. He heard the bathroom door opening and she walked in. She looked at him, standing nude under the shower and said, "I didn't let you kiss me initially because, I thought you might smell horrible, which you did. But then when you stopped while we were doing it, I remembered that you been good with me the whole night and it wouldn't hurt me the least, if you kissed me without brushing. Also I became conscious of the money I might lose."

"Kiss me and smile for me..tell me that you will wait for me...hold me like you will never.....leaving on a jet plane."
"Damn. I haven't switched off the alarm yet", he thought as he heard the music while getting out from the shower. She was getting ready to leave, all dressed up. He took his wallet, gave her a good stack of green bills. Then as an afterthought told her, "don't go until I leave, you can shower, make food and wait for me when I come back, if you want. I will leave the keys here and you can decide upon it. You can stay with me for a week or till I get bored of you and I will pay you as usual." He didn't wait for her to reply, but took out a shirt from the closet and started getting dressed and she leaned forward and started buttoning his shirt for a change.


  1. Eda patti... Vera oru paattum kittlya alle nashipikyan... Enthu drohada denver ninnodu cheytath? Avante kunhyammeda prodigal love...

  2. sree@ music by denver or anyone for dat matter doesnt have anything to do much with me rather dan being d ring tone and alarm tone of my mobile..my relation with music stops der.. u know it better..pinne, if its about the write up, i seriously don't think i did gross injustice to denver by setting his song as the alarm of my guy in d story..atleast its much better dan ur singing ;)


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