Monday, April 4, 2011

alexander SUPERTRAMP

Tramp, yeah completely. But super, hhmm very much doubtful. The movie, "into the wild" moved me the first time I saw it and ever since then I always toyed with the concept. Alexander super-tramp, only a name that he chose to christen himself with. But the movie, moving..aah ah here I go rhyming !!

I hit the road to Bagalore on a Friday afternoon. The train was scheduled to leave at 7PM and I felt restless waiting for it, so threw my backpack on my shoulder and decided to take up the journey, hitch-hiking and traveling in the municipal buses.

The summer heat was still at its peak and I rubbed sweat with my fellow country men, crowded train compartments and buses always fascinated me during short distances. I could feel all alone in that crowd and watch it like an eagle, hiding at the corner. The concrete wild structures in Hyderabad, the huge hi-tech buildings which makes one frightened and the dirty ruins that threat you with an epidemic gave way to a green, not lush as one finds in Ente Keralam, but green nevertheless.

I got down at Kurnool and explored the Town, like I always do every time I get to a new Town. This was the starting of a series of short expeditions planned and I wanted to know if I was fit for the streets. It has been a while since I have lived on the road and a night trip to Bangalore with couple of stop overs, could give me a better picture about myself physically. Crowded streets and lots of dust, thats what Kurnool looked to me. Sweating profusely, I was all happy gulping water from my flask, sitting in a bus bound to Anathpur at 8PM.

Anatpur, the Raktha Charithra fame town, I was all excited. The flashes of greyish red, which occupied the screen for most part of the movie was still fresh in my eyes. A quarter past mid night, the bus gets to the Bus Station and boy that is a normal bus station any place in India, that was my first thought. Some people sleeping on the newspapers spread on the floor.  At least the paper serves a much important purpose like this. Cheap sleeping material to the poor and homeless. Being a good insulator, I have seen people use it to protect themselves from the cold during winter. Couple of shops which sold coffee and snacks, the very usual scenes. In the first place, now when I think about it, I am not sure, what I expected to see there? Secluded streets and people roaming around armed with double bored guns and long sickles. Aaah I was being stupid, but then that I always am.

Thankfully I could complete my last stretch of the journey hitch hiking in a truck. It was from a village near Anatpur, loaded with vegetables to Bangalore. Bangalore had written me off in 2003, the time I was testing myself with engineering for graduation. I have never really been back to Bangalore since then. I have been, but always with an academic interest, never since 2003 to get drunk for breakfast, drinking beer and that is exactly what I planned to do.

A shower at a friends place and I was soon in an old steak house, with a pitcher of draught beer and some fish and chips and a good friend sitting across me. Boy it felt nice.

It was the big day for the average Indian Cricket Fanatic. The 2011 ICC World Cup Finals and the time was 4PM and we were still emptying our pitchers with not the slightest interest in the game. The last time I was here, India had reached the world cup finals. Had settled in with friends with loads of beer and everything went futile when Ricky Ponting started of with a six the second ball he faced. I didn't want a re-run of that, but then almost all of Bangalore except me and my friend was glued to the screen. Soon we moved out to another friends place.

Sipping good expensive scotch whiskey, all relaxed and settled in a very comfortable apartment in the center of Bangalore, listening to the match and a group of people whom I knew only through a friend. I felt happy. The group held some very elite from the central travancore region from the erst while era. Rubber, pepper, good meat, good booze and very homely woman is what is special about the elite from central travancore, the Kottayam - Pala belt of Christians. When Dhoni hit the six, a large toast we did for our nation and hit the road to complete the victory lap. Boy it was fun, with people wondering what two babies doing inside the cars of a group of drunken people. All happily drunk, shouting and waving, along with the kids of couple of members of the group I mentioned earlier, completed the victory lap and then me and my friend went on ahead for an after match party sometime in the early morning at 4AM.

I roamed around the streets of Bangalore on Sunday and then by evening, I was getting bored. There were too many people to meet, too many things to do, but all I really wanted to do was travel. Said adieu to my friend and again hit the road, back this time. My tired limbs didn't feel like taking another rough night of travel and roaming about and I got my tickets confirmed  in a good luxurious bus. Boy I am getting old, I couldn't stand another sleep less night. Like a log I slept and woke up only when the bus reached Hyderabad.

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