Monday, April 11, 2011

Chat Bandar - A con

The tiny little guy who made the business proposal to me, made me feel weak and cashed in, got away with my money. With hopes all high, wanting to eat for the first time from my own place, I set of in search of that one signal in Kondapur. I found the signal, found chat shops....but none was mine..even the faintest trace of the 12 year old boy with dreams didn't seem like ever existed.

Blame me and my sense of stupidity. Probably he has reasons for not having opened up. I know its even more stupid, but yet still, I can't believe the boy with the dream was only a mirage.


  1. give it a week man... search for him once again.. if he still is missing.. i guess its safe to assume he conned you...

    but hey.. better to have been conned once than not having helped a person in genuine need... it was a risk u had to take...

  2. Oh oops! I hope you find that person, else its a lesson learnt

  3. Prk / Insignia @ I will try make anoder visit like PRK suggested and maybe i mite find him and feel great.. if i dont, den a lesson learnt :)


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