Sunday, April 17, 2011

Exploring a Virgin - Prelude

My plane got to Cochin on spot, sharp at 12:00 hrs it taxied down and by 12:15 I was out waiting for my backpack at the terminal. After getting home to a good grub and listening to couple of comments about my beard, I set off to get the BULL from the work-shop. The junior from college, who was supposed to have given the bull for the service, never picked up the phone and I was left making visits from one workshop to another in vain. Thankfully, Manoj was done with his other responsibilities and as an afterthought, we visited our rented mansion in Cochin (the Mallika) to find the bull standing in glory at the abandoned parking shed. The junior fooled us, he never gave the bull for service and claimed he did. Since none of us (the ones making the trip) was in Cochin, we were forced to believe him and costly it proved. Then it was a scrabble, to start the bull and get at least the oil changed. I always had a tough time getting the enfields to the neutral gear and this time proved no exception, after a grueling ten minutes over the phone to find the neutral, I finally manged to start it up and slowly ride down to the mechanic. The bull did prove one thirsty son of a gun, with three liters of engine oil down the tubes and it still seemed it could take more.

Riding around town on the bull, I felt truly special, felt maybe the other drivers should make way for me. Rohits train was 4 hours late and Anush just chickened out and called off from the trip at the last moment, claiming an imaginary cousin sisters marriage, at 7PM in the evening. He might have got scared about the stretches we planned to hit or maybe, he just didn't have it in him, never asked for reasons the time he said he can't make it. Just reminded him about something known as informing others when there is a change of plans, with a million abuses in my heart, I hanged up on him and got to matters at hand.

Rohit will get to Cochin only by 5 in the morning and not 2AM as it was scheduled, the bull was never serviced but only the engine oil changed and a mate for the trip backed out at the last moment, this is how things looked at 10PM when Manoj and Me crashed at the Mallika, to get a good nights sleep before we hit the road. Sleep evaded, tossed and turned, got up and rechecked the bags, the things we were carrying, smoked, lied down again, but still sleep never dawned. After a grueling 4 hours trying to get some sleep, I finally took a shower and was ready to go to the train station to pick Rohit up by 2AM, 3 hours earlier than when the train was expected to get to the station.

Never heard the announcements over the loud speaker, but the time a train got to the station at 5AM, we were already looking for Rohit and disappointment seeped in, when we couldn't find him. With muffled shouts of 'Rohit...Rohit..Rohit..', we searched for him in vain and then wisdom dawned and called him up on his mobile to be told that, his train is at the station before this one and we realized our stupidity. All this time, we were looking for him in a wrong train. Asked him to get down there and not wait for the train to get him to Cochin,, but rather wait for us to get there in 15 minutes. It was a station hardly 10 KM away and trusting the train to complete that leg of the journey seemed too taxing for me. People in the train, who were subjected to our stares all the time we were searching for Rohit, did understand that we had made a fool of ourselves and started laughing and I couldn't stop myself. Started laughing like a hyena and slowly started stepping back. The laughter was so bloody genuine, its been so long since, I made a complete fool of myself like this and I couldn't stop it. I was walking backwards all the time with some sound resembling a laughter emerging from my mouth and then it happened !!

I stepped on the chest of a person, who was sleeping on the platform, while I was tracing my steps backwards. Poor guy, must have been having a nice dream, when this calamity occurred. By the time he regained his senses, I had already said a 'sorry', made a bigger ass out  of myself and the engine of the bull was on. The ride to Edappaly was fast, very fast and the excitement in meeting Rohit and starting the trip, made me turn the throttle a bit more freely. On our way back, I let the bull run even more freely and Rohit and Manoj claims, I burned the tyres twice, literally when I had to get down the speed at traffic signals.


  1. Preparing for the journey can be an experience that dosent tire you, but may annoy because of bits and pieces that stubbornly refuse to fall in place,I guess you will agree.
    And there are always these fence sitters , the chicken hearted opportunists who fade out just in time. And it is better such tribe does not go along on the journey. They may create unpleasantness.

  2. It starts this way with few disappointments. But it sure wont bog you down :)


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