Friday, April 22, 2011

A Getaway on Good Friday

The time read 15:12 in my wrist watch, which I started wearing once again now that I am back home on a time line. I was tired trying to blow smoke circles, somethings always evaded me and I think it is just another one like that. Read this accident that occurred at Panniyelli-Porru, a green haven very near to Cochin and started of to there.

It is amazing, how you are quite sure about knowing your city inside out and then when you visit there for some days, some places which never seemed to exist come forward into the lime light. I guess, it could be said as to friends as well, some people with whom you just smiled in college, you tend to take that extra pain in driving through traffic just to meet that guy for a chai, as if that friend has suddenly become a priority much over many other a thing and place. The trip to Porru was worthwhile, the place was awesome and the best part, hardly an hours drive from the City.


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