Thursday, April 14, 2011

The ICEMAN Continues to Inspire

(( This note is about a senior I met in college and ended up being friends with. I had posted a "testimonial" as it was famously called in Orkut on his profile back then. But later the morning when I felt like deleting my social networking accounts, the testimonial went with it. After my recent visit to Bangalore, I still know, I do owe him a lot, though he is not aware of it.))

Please don't be surprised with the name ICEMAN, the original story behind it goes like this. The christening happened long time back, almost when I joined college in 2004. The protagonist ((his real name is Harish Joseph Abraham a.k.a. ousu)), used to go out with a very pretty damsel studying in the sister concern of our college, called the St. Theresas. ((people from Kerala would be familiar with the name, for the enlightenment of every one else, it is supposed be the best college for members of the fairer sex in the Gods Own Country and by the sarcastic twist of destiny, was right beside my college.)) She had this fascination for some part of his anatomy which almost rhymes with 'ice', I think it was the 'ass' and he ended up being considered by her to be the 'ASS-MAN'. Now it could have started a riot in her family if someone ever heard her call him that and he ended up being the 'ICEMAN'.

Now the spicy gossip on his life aside, the reason how he ended up being the iceman for me is an all together different context. Every time I see him, the one person he reminds me is the ICEMAN from the movie Top-Gun. I don't mean the looks, though I feel our guy could give the movie star a run for his money, but the way he carries himself and the air that he always has with him, that is the catch. It doesn't matter if he is drunk or sober, early in the morning or late at the night, he has this profound look of being in control. I knew some females in my class who had this fascination for him, and even that was not about the way he looked, but it had to do with the confidence he brought in with his presence. And another point of similarity is the way he handles his vehicle, both cars and bikes, smooth and easy, text-book like, but very fast and very much always in control.

While I am more like a Maverick, stretching my imagination a bit too far with this, but still the Maverick, come on at lest his bad traits. Arrogant, ruthless, rogue, free-spirit. There were many an evening when we got in a dozen beers and spend talking about life and future and dreams. Some traits we shared, a slight pinch of racism, love for benevolent autocracy, a lack of feeling of nationalism, bluntness and that is what made us close.

The last time I went to Bangalore, I met him after 2 years, but then I never felt the two years. It was as if we parted the weekend and am meeting again on the Monday. The warmth and the simplicity with which he leads his life, that is what made me never realize the gap. Things were simple with him, its a Saturday afternoon and there is only one thing in the world for him to do, get a pitcher of  beer, a good steak and slowly pamper one self.

I knew his friends would be people I will like and I didn't even have to think to say an yes, to catch the second part of cricket world cup final at his friends apartment. Things were good as usual, loads of whiskey, good intelligent conversation, a good match, nice guys and couple of theirs wives and small kids. Boy even the dinner-whiskey plans around him brings in that sense of family, that is another thing I have liked about him.

the ICEMAN still continues to inspire me just like in college. His passion to lead life is what inspires me now :)


  1. Each of us have such special person who continues to inspire us and to keep us going. Reminiscing those moments sure brings a smile and that zeal to go on further and faster.

    I am sure you would have had a wonderful feeling while penning this down

  2. You scream,
    I scream,
    we all scream for ICE CREAM.

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  4. You know who has inspired me like that? A gent from your college by the name of Ramu. Every time I feel sulky and depressed, I remember him and its like having Tantrum (of HIMYM). I go on a rampage smashing bricks and breaking logs.

    He used to carry himself around like a stoned elephant calf with a limp.

    The thought that I should have broken his one bone or two, which I never did will never stop inspiring me.

  5. Insignia@ Very true..a simple normal human like me, but the zest with which he lives every day, fills me with awe..

    Sree @ we r talking about different genres of inspiration here..this is the positive one, while the one you mentioned has more to do with arousing anger and vengeance and its fulfillment.. pleas don't even have the faintest idea of comparing those two..that might be even against the natural order ;)

  6. Indeed, yes.
    I do not know if I must use the word "inspiration", but there are some we all would see as special. Well it is stupid to try to be like him/her, but they stay with us in memory even as time go by.

  7. Anil @ 'special' makes it sound so very gay !! but yeah actually 'special' is what it is..but with a pinch of inspiration :)


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