Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Taming the BULL

My friends tell me, I am the worlds best drunken driver. Because, when drunk, I never step on gas or flex the throttle. Sober, I normally am lost in my world dreaming while driving, but drunk there aint space for dreams, I am all eyes on road. Then, that has always been on lean, mean bikes and never an Enfield Bullet, that too a vantage model.

Of all my friends who had old versions of the bull, the ones with the gear on the right pedal, only Sid ever thought friendship was worth more than the bull and he threw me the keys, when he saw my eyes shining seeing his silver plated Royal Enfield Standard. Machismos and thunderbirds, yeah, I have been on and around everywhere with them, but hardly an hour have I spend with the big older bulls, standard and classic.

And here I am, getting ready for a road-trip on a Bullet, close to 1000 kilo meters of ghat roads and forest. The fun is, my folks doesn't know that I am hitting the road on bike. All they know is me and some friends from college is backpacking. I couldn't help it, but twist the facts or simply put, lie; coz when I spoke about the trip over phone with Amma, by the way she sounded, the options were either car or backpack.  She has her reasons and yeah it is true , the lean motor-bikes we owned has given way to hatchbacks.  But then there is no fun in the comfort of a car or the familiarity of a lean bike.  Now, where the hell should I park the car, the time I am gone and I said backpacking. The  untamed Bull  will give the extra adrenalin required to make the trip fun, with the lean, proven and trusted pulsar; the only rationale behind setting of on this trip with the Bull. The fun doesn't stop there.

We are four guys hitting the road, four advocates belonging to the BAR of Kerala. I am sorry, I meant, Bar Council of Kerala, if you go by what the identity card reads. This is not the first time for us (Rohit, Manoj, Anush and Myself), but definitely the first time with an untamed bull and two novice mahouts to ride it. We have together taken the stretches and gorges to Goa, negotiated the curves of the Ghats and camped at the serenity of Top-Station. But, turning a curve to see a wild rogue elephant en route to Valparai, sleeping in a hammock overlooking the Idukki Dam, we never had a chance to do. This is a trip, Rohit and I wanted to do in college, when we were younger and had young, fast machines to zip by. The eventual friday evening never happened and 5 years later, here we are, going into the wild, for four days on a Saturday.

I am yet to make my terms with the beast and Rohit is no better as well. The taming of the bull while exploring virgin earth, that is the story I am waiting for.

((the Bull belongs to a very close friend from overseas and I did mean it literally, our guy is from Lakshdweep. After  precariously pursuing his education here in Cochin, he had to move back to the isles, because, it seems this is the age when matrimony rings according to his family. But then he had to leave the bike at our scary mansion in Cochin, at my mercy. If the Bull gets tamed, I do plan to swap the Bull with the information about a very pretty damsel I know in Lakshadweep, which might be of help to him.))


  1. You are are going to realize your dreams that was sowed 5 years ago!

    Idukki you said? Heaven it is! with the beast you are gonna ride on; I am sure its a trip worth waiting for :)

    Have loads of fun!

  2. Insignia@ Thanks:)

    Iddukki is one of the places I always wanted to go on a of the biggest arch dams, the one thing that lights up a huge share of Kerala..then there is the ride to Valparai in TN, from cochin..thick rich road tracks which shortens distance by even more than half..european spice trails which got closed after wild life from stray leopards to elephants and baisons...the plan is for 3 to 4 days..
    from the 4th semester of college, as it happens with loads of people ma age, there were couple of cars at our disposal amongst friends and then it always turned out to be the national and state highways and comfortable stay..but the actual dream was to make it to these places, smelling of asphalt and that is what we are on course to make true :)

  3. good that you are going to fulfill your dreams.have a great trip

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Well your rich description of these places and the trails you are gonna tread reflects your passion and enthusiasm and shows how much you are looking forward to this trip.

    :-) Again best wishes

  6. I always wonder about the deleted comments!
    Anyway, its plain deception, buddy. The model in the pic is the Enfiled Classic launched in 08-09. Costs more than a lakh. A true collectors item. I was shocked thinking who'd be idiot enough to give it for roadtrips. And grab it if the offer's good. Bulls are like gold nowadays. Prices of especially old ones have shot up dramatically.

  7. Shree,

    I had to remove that comment as there were few typos and I am very specific with my English. The comment was nothing different that whats already there. :)

  8. get rid of anush man.. dump him at some wayside eatery.. that ought to be fun..Hes gonna be drunk most of the time anyway.. let him hitchhike his way back home..

    Chull will be back in time for the trip eh..all the best buddies.. couldnt make it myself.. but i wish i was there.. keep us updated with ur blog and pics k..

  9. Shyama / Insignia@ :)

    Sree @ this a picture from the net. The one I have at my disposal is a 2006 model Classic, chrome plated and really looking like a beast..will post the pic da.. good bulls are rare to come by, but they are like rottweilers, needs attention and time.. Sad that u had to give away ur machismo..dat would have been so bloody nice to have had it..

  10. PRK @ we do need anush for the trip.. right..? to push into the village pool or light up a moment, he would be awesome. And the best part is he is shit scared of darkness and animals..and we are hardly going to be with men for 4 days..

    Rohit Chull will make it back by Saturday evening from Chennai..the travel plans are all messed up as always coz he dint get the tickets to cochin..den had to pull in some strings to get his ass down by saturday.. it would have been great if u were der..we did ride through the 2nd highest roads south of himalyas, together..boy we were so young in those pics :)

  11. Hello,

    Good biking to you and your folks. Though not many , I can relive my life on the "java yezdi" while I was young and your age.

  12. Anil @ I have heard tales from a friends dad about his escapades from Bangalore to Kerala on a 'Java Yezdi'..with roads being present for the namesake... age is never a hindrance to feel the road, maybe you should get those riding boots from the closet and kick-start anoder spree of road.. You never know, you might be better fit for the road now than when you were young :)


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