Tuesday, April 12, 2011


The clock on the right bottom corner of my laptop reads 18:45 Tuesday. A meeting scheduled to have happened at 6:30PM, giving me an early exit from the world of tax probably in another hour, got rescheduled to 8:30PM. By the time formalities gets done it would be time for dinner and then watch the Red Devils take on Chelsea at Old Trafford. I had plans for this day, to be out from office early and complete my itinerary for the road trip. Nothing big, but important, things like mosquito repellents and other way-side camping materials.

Out of habit and having nothing to do, I was going through my Outlook Express once again.  No new mails, but I did already know that. I am one of those idiots who maintains the mail box, spic; all labeled and separated.  There was nothing else for me to do for close to 2 hours other than staring at Outlook calendar. It reads:

14:00 - Send Update to SE
14:30 - Meeting on Rotator

14:00 - Send Update to SE
17:00 - National Sales Tax Teleconference

14:00 - Send Update to SE
16:00 - Fun Friday at Cafeteria

With my calendar listed, you have the perfect picture that I report to someone everyday at 2PM about my work and progress. And if you are wondering about the Meeting and Teleconference, please don't be fooled, I am another pawn who sits through it, nodding my head and mumbling an 'yes', suppressing a yawn that miraculously appears every time I get to see those big lcd's showing groups gathered across the globe, discussing tax.

I have my road trip planned for this Saturday and my calendar is killing me. Not the work, but the big wait for it actually to begin. There are things to attend to before burning the asphalt, the enfield needs a service and battery check up, need to remind the influential people to make the phone calls required to the right Forest Officials, to give us permits to drive through at the night and probably sleep on hammocks if required. Simple silly things, papers and permits and some people at the right places, but then they come very handy when you are at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Wat The Fuck


  1. Thats seems a true and adventurous travel experience. Have fun!

  2. WTF? Where did an Enfield come from?

  3. Insignia@ adventurous, i wish it truly turns out to be..we wil be in the ghat jungles the whole 3 days..n hope definitely more will be der from wild life encounters to punctured tires at the middle of the nowhere.. :)

    Sree@ Enfield belongs to a out-of-town friend and d story how i ended up wanting to go on the trip with that anoder one


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