Monday, May 9, 2011

"aapka khushi ke-liye"

This lean old guy was the first to come running when we got closer to the coracles at Sreesailam dam. I asked him the rates in hindi and he said 50 for one.
Me: tho 100 one ride? for hum 2..
He: haan..100 pura dam.. and he started saying something in telugu and showed gestures of round the dam.

Climbing on to the coracle, I over heard him say to another guy, "30 for ek..60 ka do..." and thought smart chap made a profit of 40 on us.

In the middle, after doing a  wonder spin of the coracle he says, "aapka khushi ke liye, dedo.."..."woh union wallah ke samney nahi dena..and some telugu again". I give him the 100 rupees as agreed. Then he smiles even bigger and asks us for more spins and we say no. We had a wonderful ride alone in the coracle and didn't wanna spoil it with another spin. I saw him drink water from there with a glass and I thought poor guy must be thirsty. I extended a bottle of good water that I been carrying for over a 200 kilo meter to quench his thirst and the guy empties it down in to the river. Then, he fills ma bottle with the river water. I just didn't have words and said "bhai hum wapas". He nods and takes us back.

As soon as we come on shore, another guy comes in asks for 60 rupees, and he has got a receipt and our coracle driver tells me "60 rupees inko do..aapka khushi ke liye and something in telugu...". I knew this guy out smarted me with the language. I didn't want to fight and I paid the other guy with the receipt. We started walking and then  our coracle chaps follows us and says in broken not the worst english I have heard, " give me some or ..err.. the union man find job go..." The guy pleads and I give him another 10 rupees and he adds "aapka khushi ke-liye".

He fooled me hands down, he knew english and hindi and made me pay him a "aapka khushi ke-liye" token almost double the actual rates fixed by the Govt or some local public sector undertaking. 60 for the ride and 110 for the love, the pun in that happening to me. Hope the extra "aapka khushi ke-liye" today don't lead to a broken rib of a neglected wife :)


  1. Uh-oh! You were duped not once but thrice!! My oh my! Street smart fellow he is.

  2. hmmm the guy must have become an artist of duping by playing the game on many before you


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