Thursday, May 5, 2011


04/ May / 2011 Wednesday, 16:15 HRS

The noise of metal on concrete and the scorching heat of the summer sun, made sure I woke up scratching my head and wandered aimlessly as if drugged, to the bathroom to stand under shower and, shut out the heat and the 'thummb thuuuub'. I slept late last night, after watching Christiano Ronaldo take on Messi, the many jumps and dives later, Barcelona won on aggregate and the thirsty me drank from Voltaire before sleeping. Electricity has become a rogue guest these days, pursuing a course of his own, never telling anyone the exact plans about his presence or absence. "Maybe we should develop more nuclear power plants. To hell with radiation and all the side effects," the inconsiderate, irritated me wanted the basic comfort of a fan at any price.

Sitting in the hair-dressing saloon, giving the guy directions to shave the entire hair off, I feel confused. Am i doing it right? I don't remember ever doing it or any one in my family and extended family ever do it. Such conservative, Samsons we all are. As if the strength came in from the hair, another example of a custom said to be prevailing because of the Semitic presence in us; some people in my extended family prefer to say this these days, over the claim that we were converted from Brahmins, which been circling in all Syrian Christian homes in Kerala from the time I care to remember.

The hair gone, being a baldie, all I can take in is the feel of freedom, of the sun baking the scalp and the wind caressing the skull, bringing in a sense of natural justice. Not the natural justice said in audi alteram partem, but something much beyond that.

Seeing me in this new avatar, the poor folks working with me, who been subjected to many a tantrum of mine, from looks to ideas, looks surprised and then some drops in to give me a piece of their wisdom. "This is looking cool", a friend who sits right opposite me said and then after some words like 'cool', 'nice', 'summer style', I opened my eyes a bit wider, when I heard, "rapist" . It seems for the friend I mentioned in my early blog, the teetotaler from Bangalore, whose opine I consult regularly and perhaps my greatest acquaintance here in the plateaus, for her, the baldie me seemed to bring forth memory of a rapist in some movie she watched.

If only some one would have added the tag 'serial' before the 'rapist' !!


  1. Get an inverter, and forsake the Nuclear reactor.

    It was only yesterday I was reading Zacharia's short stories , "Yesu".
    Where in , in one of the stories Yesu ( Jesus) agonises whether to shave and trim his hair. He has not seen himself in the mirror, and walks away frightened of what reflection the mirror will hold for him.

    A story well worded with a unique perspective.

    And is it not the movies adage that tell us all rapist are bald?

  2. Ahh the movies! Look what they have done to us. All rapists are bald, mothers are widow and so on..

    Its a nice way to beat the summer heat. Hair today, gone tomorrow; to come back later :-)

  3. K did the same the other day and he now looks like a bouncer in a bar. P was quite upset at his shaven pumpkin head ( K takes after me - big heads like Charlie Brown's) but I don't object. I said - Ser to aapka, marji bhi aapka!


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