Thursday, May 19, 2011

elusive sentries

Last Sunday, returning back to my flat, soaked in beer, early in the morning by about 5:30 AM, I had this urge to secure my internet accounts. Mind you, I probably wouldn't have been able to stop myself, even if I had tried, the urge had something so very natural about it, like the 'natures call'. Changing the passwords of e-mail accounts, internet banking accounts, social networking sites and many more, I felt elated about the good progress I been making. Even basked in the feeling about that sense of added responsibility, that I have suddenly acquired from the void. One moment, I was the douche bag drunk and the next, I was sitting straight with the lap-top spread on my lap as the name suggests and busy making my 'online' world and avatar more secure.

The passwords that protected my 'online avatar' has become old, I could see the grey in the hair and realized the imminent threat that it posed to my existence in the world wide web. The old guards were replaced one by one and eventually in about an hour I had a complete new set of soldiers guarding my google, fb, banking and many other accounts. Like a proud Emperor, who knows that his fort is strong, slept in the feeling of assurance.

I wake up and try wear the 'online status' again, it says 'nope...the password is wrong'. I try again and it again says wrong. I try get online on a different application, the message keeps repeated.

After 2 hours of trying to remember the names of the new guards I appointed, all I could remember was the name of the chap who guarded my face book account. With the grace of God all my banking account passwords, I don't remember and it took me 4 days to figure out the google password. Guess, after the formalities, the banks wouldn't mind giving me a new set of guards.

All this because tuborg made me look at things with more caution and prompted me to be safe. Can't blame the beer, but the bigger ass 'Ousu' !!


  1. I get reminded of a Santa joke. He set all his account password to "incorrect". Because in case he forgets the application would prompt him with an error message "The password is incorrect" and he could recall his password then :)

  2. Ho Ho Ho! That Santa joke was good!

    I remember reading somewhere that the obsession with password security is absurd - I don't remember what they said, but it meant that changing passwords frequently didn't really make any difference...

  3. May be the beer- one too little to prompt you to the correct PW?

    Bindu, the pun about Santa was real good!


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