Monday, May 2, 2011

Equality - Social, Economic and Poltical

Standing at the small balcony of my flat, smoking a cigarette outside, as per the dictum of my flat-mate, I watch 2 men, toiling hard with two big hammers against a wall. They are trying to break the concrete and get the door from the old house in the next compound. I need to leave in one hours time to office and I woke up listening to the 'thummm thump thummmb', the sound of hammer on concrete and had cursed a million time, the source of the noise.

The men were sweating profusely and continuing on with the hammering, while all I was thinking was about getting back into the flat from the torturing heat after quickly finishing the cigarette. I am lucky to have the option to get back into the shade, while my fellow country men, don't. Irrespective of whether the thermostat goes above a 100 degree Fahrenheit, the two men needs to sweat and grind their muscles the whole day, demolishing concrete from an old house.

They too have the same rights that I have, but yet they toil hard in sun, while I complain about the monotony of the work I do. Thinking about it, I wonder, "wouldn't breaking concrete be a monotonous job?" and all ma reason says yes, yet I find them happy going about their business in the sun.

The preamble of the Indian constitution speaks about Equality, social, economic and political and we have reservation policies in place, supposed to bring about the equality envisaged. But yet, the equality always a dream. I feel sorry, I feel pity, I think about myself as this complaining conceited fool seeing the men work hard in the sun and yet I complain about the equality that I haven't got. Maybe I should think about equality from the perspective of the men i saw in the morning, I might be better informed.


  1. We are spoilt with choices and so we crib. We do realize our folly once in a while but get back to cribbing the next moment! You can add me in in that group.

  2. Equality in the intensity of jobs?
    No I do not think that part is protected or guaranteed, if that is what you elude to.
    As for the general mentality to crib , the constitution has not prohibited either.
    I wonder if when one is focussed as the two men going with hammer on the concrete doors , where would then be the moment , the thought to crib?Is it not that when the mind is idle that we wander?

    All said an done like B said take me too into the group that exults in cribbing.

  3. Insignia and Anil @ I didn't mean the equality in the intensity of job..i doubt whether I might last such a situation..Nor am I talking about the equality mentioned in Art 14 of the Constitution..more to do with the preamble and the intention while drafting the bring about equality, to bring about justice in all spheres of life, political, social and economic..

    reemember the old saying, "i complained i had no shoes till the time i saw a man with no feet to wear a shoe".. i feel almost all of us excel in the art of cribbing, but then some moments makes one realize how complicated our requirements are when compared to others.. and yet both seems to be living...

  4. "how complicated our requirements are when compared to others.."

    2 points:

    #1. try and make life less complicated.
    #2. Do not compare.


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