Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Faces in my Life

It has been a long time since I ever tried describe people I am with, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbors. Some years back, I found it amusing, making short descriptions about people I am with. It always used to come with a warning that, it is my description of a person and for others that individual might have a different face altogether. The people who surround me everyday has changed, and I feel that sure gives me a chance to describe more people. Not everyone, but only those whom I feel wouldn't mind it if I have a thing or two bad to say about.

Rubin Brenda ( The Big Mommy, The director) : She knows everyone by their first names, the entire whole group and I feel she knows much more than the first names as well. I haven't ever heard her speak Hindi, but I am quite sure she follows it beautifully. She was the one who interviewed me and  we seems to share a good rapport almost, thanks to philosophy :)

Sun Christine ( The Visiting Delegate of the Research Group, The Manager) : She works from the California Office and I feel the closest any visiting delegate has ever been to the group. Happy in her little world of tax returns and sales tax queries. It is her second visit to India and she believes that knowing India is by tasting it, mind you she wouldn't eat much. But she tastes the 'chat' and the 'chaais' and the 'rotis' and almost everything, just to get a feel of the land I guess.

Balachandran ( Manager in Town, The New Manager) :  We always seems to go well, without getting under the skin of each other. Probably must me because, being the few lawyers around I don't work for him. If that was the case, he might have had a different thing to say or maybe I had something else to say. He seems happy and I have a feel even marriage aint far.

Komal Gupta ( My Immediate Senior) : One person who never really bothers me with anything. I tell her, I aint sure how it is done and she sits and completes it for me. Haven't seen many people stare at the laptop at one stretch as much as her. I sometime have a feeling she might cry if I shout or something, but then don't think such a thing will ever happen :)

Aditya Arora ( My Equal and we work for the same people) : He is one happy Punjabi guy I have met. I dunno, I guess I have something against the turban then. He does his work and I do mine. we have a very good policy in place, live and let live. No unhealthy competition, no ass kissing very much free to pursue our own course of action.

Visakh Vasudevan ( My Flatmate and Colleague, senior in college much before that) : He wants to do too many things all at one go. Always confused before taking a decision, calculative and shrewd, but then of the good kind. One guy, whom I have seen do a proper research before buying a thing, from a levi jean to a car. Cherished dreams of Indian Civil Service back in his initial years of college and had worked hard for that, but lost the passion mid way and been confused ever since.

Tejomahi Rajaram Bangalore ( My Friend and Colleague) : The word "Bangalore" in her name is not a typo. It seems her grandpa or someone before that were the initial settlers in Bangalore and hence the surname "Bangalore". Teetotaler yet you could find her drinking fruit punches amidst drunken crowds. Hates crowds as much as I do, but then she not an inside home person while in Hyderabad like me. So we avoid the parties together, she and her friends makes me some nice food while they home on some evenings and calls her when I feel like going to a old steak house to get drunk. Knows, she could drag me back in an auto if i ever drink too much. A thing about her is, he would be a fool, who ever trusts her with a trip..she would chicken out at the last minute..she once did and I had to spend an entire day swimming in a pool with loads of people from office..and resorting to beers the whole day..

Anil Kaswan ( My Old Friend) : Haaahaa haa what do I say about him. We seemed to go pretty well, but then something sparked of the Jatt in him and the Keralite in me. I guess you can say it as a very silent cold war about the superiority of the races and being the racist I am, which I quite honestly admit, I don't think I would ever give it up.

SO that very much sums up the faces in my life here in Hyderabad. I aint sure whether a big firm like the one I am working has a law against saying something about colleagues in an open forum, not sure. What the hell, the mongrel is born to bark and so will he do :)


  1. Thats sweet. I would never be able to write about my colleagues. Not that I am cold with them; but because they are colleagues :)

  2. That was not barking, it was silent revelation. Ha ha perhaps those folks whom you wrote about may be surprised to find a side in their character exist, and that they know now through your ,let me put it in your own words"barking of the mongrel".


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