Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ice-Cream, Religion, Politics and Losers !!

The news reader's voice was what welcomed me to the morning of the 13th of May 2011, announcing something about Assembly election results of my home state, Kerala. With the cigarette lit and not even bothering to brush, I sat on the bean bag, trying to read the tiny scroll going below the screen. I am not a political enthusiastic, nor believe much in the form of democracy India has been practicing, at the same time, I do like compiling the information on politics for fun.

The scrolls showed signs of landslide in Tamil Nadu, Assam and Bengal. Kerala was neck to neck, good, I thought. It will be fun watching the faces of everyone involved, the flashes of emotions which one gets to witness very rarely, the inclinations, political in nature. The game between the ruling faction lead by the Communist Party and the Congress & Allies were on.

The ex-minister of industries of Kerala, affiliated to the Muslim League, who been involved in not just one but many an ICE-CREAM scandals, Mr Kunjalikutty won a landslide and my flat mate commented, "that is a strong Muslim constituency." I nodded, I knew that. Though the said person was accused in not one, not two, but three crimes registered in Kerala, sexual in nature. But then, he was only an accused and the epitome of justice in India, the Supreme Court gave him a clean chit in one of them and asked the agencies to not to further investigate him. The other two cases, I lost track and so did everyone else.

Crooks in crime fought over the spoil and one came blaring guns at the other. Our beloved ex-minister's, co-brother came live on television revealing many a thing that they did together, from the un-due favors to bribing of the much acclaimed epitome of justice. Accusations and reply-accusations later, Congress went ahead with the alliance with Muslim League, the bandan since ages and the televisions lost interest slowly. People didn't.

The old veteran rattle snake Communist leader, the Chief Minister, VS Achuthanthan had the second strike on the form of a Public Interest Litigation and goes behind the bar, for the first time ever in Indian History, an ex-minister proven guilty of corruption. Congress did try back with dirt back on the communist veteran's son and the game went on.

Couple of months later with the results showing 72 for Congress and Allies, 68 seats for the Communist & Co, I wonder, who did eventually lose?

After all the accusations, Muslim League bagged 20 seats out of the 24 contested, some members of the allies vanished, while some won. While all that Congress has is 38 seats for itself and now the Government is going to be all about its existence than peoples welfare.

Ask me and I would say, Religion, Corruption and Timing decided this elections. Everyone predicted Congress, but none ever dreamed this close. All the dirt later, the accused leaders of Congress Allies showered and stood in front of their brothers in religion and the faithful took care of the them. But what about Congress, none did and the usual upper caste Christian and Hindu votes, that always made it on to the 'Palm' went some other place. The fools thought for themselves, and voted against, because, they felt Congress was carrying too much dirty linen and even worse in its Allies.

My take, yours may differ !! Democracy comes handy at times :)

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  1. Oshu, you know something that has changed the culinary preference of Mallus-
    "palpayasam" or "ada pradhaman" are not not the official dessert any more, it is ice cream.

    Karimeen fry, karimmen pollichathu or karimmen molly are not the plater mallus fancy, they need them garnished with ice cream.

    Beef olathiathu has to be marinated with ice cream.

    And mallus would either have them at ice cream parlours or government guest houses and even on jet passenger air crafts.

    Long live the Kunnahalis and the P.J.Josephs!!!

    Acthuthanandhan stole the lime light after sleeping over 'la affaire' endosulfan for four years and ten months.

    And pity even Kottarkara Ganapathi could not save K Balakrishana Pillai from the Poojapura central Jail.

    Truly "Gods own country"!


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