Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing !!

I always wonder about the differences people have in their personalities and yet everyone craves to do everything together, from traveling to drinking and almost everyone builds up a new family as well, to be always surrounded by humans. I had promised a friend of mine in Bangalore, that I will plan a road-trip of mine considering hers holidays as well and out of a sudden feeling of not really doing anything, I called her up and we finally decided the independence weekend of August seems to be a nice time of the year and Coorg a good, easy option for a weekend drive from Bangalore. Then, the next question came up. Who all to be invited? And we both decided to invite almost every friend of ours with whom both of us would get along well. So, if the group becomes big and a lot many strangers, what the hell, it would be fun, scaring a wild boar in return. That was all I thought.

I spoke about this long term plan (for me any plans made for periods after 8 weeks are all long term plans) to a colleague in office and that set of a chain of events, I couldn't quite understand. We said it to some people and a lot of them seemed interested, suddenly someone said, 'august is long way to go' and then it became 'june end ya july first week', some people said yes, some said, gotta think and then someone said, why Coorg, let us go Suryalanka (that is a beach here in Andhra and I haven't been there) and all a chaos. I quite retired, because it was getting hard for me to understand everything everyone was saying and keeping a tab on the suggestions and the actual possibility of it happening.

Yet I know, I will keep my promise to the friend and go to Coorg the second week of august and also agree to any other plan some of my colleagues in office, with whom I asked about joining me to Coorg in the first place will make. So much for human company, with all the differences present.


  1. Get going. keep riding until you want to stop some where for the night.

  2. ANil @ a friend commented "evolution honey!!....even alexander supertramp says, happiness is best when shared....we are a bunch of such lonely souls!! " Felt she had a point, riding and absorbing many a post card into the heart and the post cards become all the more beautiful being shared..

  3. Ousu, I can relate to what you said. As a solitary as well as group traveler, I'd any day prefer my own company and maybe that of one or two friends. Ideal companionship in travelling is a very rare thing to get. We have to comfortable with the other - even during silence.

    Going with a crowd, with one or two friends or by oneself - all are different.

  4. One thing that I have noticed while traveling is that your travel companion matters a lot. If you folks are in sync with one another, you can really explore and experience a lot.

    A tiny hamlet might seem exciting to someone whereas others might find it mundane. But yeah, trying your best to have maximum fun is important.

    Different set of people enable you to experience a place with different perspective.


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