Friday, May 27, 2011

Muscle Juice !!

Blessed with 15 hours everyday, not to bother about earning the bread and butter, I been fathoming all that I should be doing to make use of the time. I never used to crib much about having to 'do nothing' earlier.  In-fact, back while in college, a day I had nothing to do, no one to meet was considered a bliss. But, times have changed, I find myself on the shores of an old empire ruled by a filthy rich Nizam, who  had the wealth to help the British with their First World War efforts, while people in his Empire were dying of famine, with no social life apart from people in office and huge loads of time to 'do nothing'.

The toughest part is the evading sleep, because your limbs have always been used to long tiring days and loads of hunger abuses, but now with everything falling in order, attached with a time line to it, the body refuses to quit, even when the mind says, "dude, hit the bed. At least that will mean you will not be painstakingly made aware how slow the seconds hand moves in a wall clock."

After having ignored my body for almost all my existence on earth, pampering with booze, smoke and even some adventurous amazing things from Pushkar, I felt the need to do something I haven't ever bothered do. Join the gym and do some weight training, not to have bulging biceps like Arnold, body builder turned movie star turned Governor, but to make sure I don't pant every time I have to climb the stairs and also to make my limbs so very tired, that they beg for rest.

It has been a week since I joined and thankfully, the limbs have started praying for rest and the evading sleep started smiling at me as well. Now, the panting part, I am not sure how long that will take, but I do plan to make that work as well. Hang on a minute, it doesn't mean I cut off everything that the good world has to offer. The number of cigarettes have gone down, yeah sure. No more binging on weekdays, but definitely I plan to make use of the weekend to make up the deficit supply of booze to my system.

haa haa i just remembered today is the beginning of yet another weekend !!


  1. The prospects of the evening wakes up one with jubilation in the morn!


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