Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Nose that Matters

A friend of mine as part of his new plans to climb the ladder that people keeps talking about in a corporate world, tried implement a 'praise all, make all feel proud' thing across all ranks. With time and effort he conveyed how inspirational people above him were and how help-full people below him were. Riding the wave of goodness, that one feels when you know that you have royally made someones day, with a slight twist of your tongue, he kept telling me about the progress he been making.

Couple of evenings back, my friend is sad, sitting with a long face, ignoring the beer in front and staring at the television. I join him and respecting peoples space, I don't trouble him with the reason as to the gloom. He shoots, "do you know Cleopatra?"
I tell him, "yeah, the one whose nose determined the history of the ancient world. Why her?"

He looks all the more dejected and says, "as part of the 'please-all' plan, I told a colleague of mine, a member of the fairer sex with a very long nose, who in all probabilities should have been mighty pleased on a positive remark about her personal appearance, that she has a nose like Cleopatra's." She twisted her eye-brows in a doubtful manner and asked "what is that thing, Cleopatra?"

He became silent for a moment and then added, "Cleopatra is a thing and so Cleopatra's nose shouldn't matter, but the one that touches the bum of the guy standing on top of the ladder matters. And for the pay check at the end of the month I am forced to lie about the entrepreneurial skills a Female Manager has so similar with Indira Nooyi and the nose of Cleopatra. From where do they hire people?" It was an anguish in his voice.

I couldn't resist myself from taking a dig, "the same place they hired you !!"

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  1. " corporate ladder", is it not something like the old game of "snakes and ladders"?


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