Monday, May 9, 2011

Octopus View Point

The roads weren't as hard as the ones we been before. It sure was ghat, but then the curves a lot less sharper  than the ones in our ghats back home. The jungle a different kind, the feel eerie, but not dark like the ones in Western Ghats. I am not a specialist about jungles, but I like to travel through them. I like the feel of it, of seeing a wild animal on close in its territory, so my limited knowledge makes me compare the new thing with all the kinds I have seen before. This one was dry, with boulders, the size of a pebble to the size of a basketball, yellow dried grass as under bush, trees not huge nor big, of medium built and the leaves green, a dusty brownish green.

We were in the core area of a tiger reserve and as from what I compiled about the place after my travel, the biggest tiger reserve as far as area is concerned. That had sounded "hhmm what ever.." as a thought in my mind the time we had began. But this seemed just as great as always, the road, the jungle, the lonely villages, the beaten down eateries ((minus the pig though..we made sure there were no black pigs in the small villages we had our food. And surprisingly on all our way to Srisailam, I guess, we saw pigs in maybe ten or twelve towns and villages..quite surprisingly few for Andhra..maybe some one ought study the reason about their decline.. haa haa )), the smoke breaks, and this time we added water breaks as well. Everything felt the same, and we were in harmony with the lonely road.

Close to some where when the mile stone to Srisailam read 34 KM, we passed a sign board with the painting of an animal. Since I been a big collector of sign boards of all my travels, we turned back to the sign board. It was a watch house, in the core area, from the road about a 300 meter. There was nothing about the entry or rules of access to it, but we stopped and got the bike on to a walk way in jungle and then thought the ride was risky for the bike, so pursued the course on foot. The trail wasn't bad, on a bike, with a single rider, could do it, we had a discussion. Straying from the road, in the core of a tiger reserve, it never got registered, and we still talked about the condition of the trail, as if we both been married to it.

The watch tower looked abandoned, though not older than ten years. It was on top of a hill over-looking the Krishna basin, on some side with the hills around and green jungle. The view point was over over looking a water source which resembled an octopus with the long tentacles. The forest was greener and we spotted a group of deer on the steep banks.

The watch tower was definitely safe with spiral steps and the only possible animal that could harm would be an elephant or a tiger or leopard, but even that could easily be snubbed, lighting a fire. Saw cigarete buds, some broken beer bottles, mans means of marking his presence. But from the items on display, this seemed like a spot visited by the young groups for a drink, but then not really visited. The trails suggested people been there, but not really when and how many. Everything suggested very few been there.

I lit the smoke and stood watching down at the valley and the deers far off below, wishing that the one of the tigers the reserve supposed to have, close to 50 of them in the core, would pounce, just like in the National Geographic. Maybe I should stop there for a month and I might get to see it, but then it might be an year as well. I am not that kind of traveler, so without troubling the good golden colored beings we walked back to the road. This time, I definitely had a smile and Rohit knew what I might come up with. He knew, though the view of the basin, not something known to many nor seen much on the net, was beautiful, there was more behind the smile, about that he was almost certain.


  1. did you have a chance to click few pictures of the view of the basin? It must have been gorgeous!

    Waiting for next. Reason behind the smile? Did you traverse the basin?

  2. Insignia @ yes indeed the camera lasted till here thankfully and i got some good was awesome..will post them once i find the missing charger and get the darn thing to switch on :(
    reason behind d smile, a crazy stupid plan, about which i will be writing in the next post..and very glad that i have a reader who likes ma writing :)


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