Monday, May 2, 2011

Office after the Virgin

25 April 2011, Monday; 14:15 Hrs
Sitting in the supposed to be air-conditioned bus at the Airport at Hyderabad, to get to the place I have rented, I was lost pretending that I didn't wanna fly back. I knew eventually I will, but it didn't happen this time and I think I owe my not vanishing act to one person in Office. I am obliged to let her know, the day I finally decide about quitting. She had been very good with me, straight from the days of my interview, much higher up than me in the corporate hierarchy, but yet still my friend and we discuss life and philosophy amongst all things at the weirdest hours at the least expected places. The buzz in my head was, this is just a vacation doing something and earning a living and not resorting to booze straight from the wee hours of dawn, until the puzzle fits into place. I was not sure, how it will and how long it would take. But yeah, definitely it will and make this chance down here at the Deccan Plateaus a bit more worthwhile.

2 May 2011, Monday; 11:34 Hrs
No one in office seemed to have missed me. Work was limited and I felt a bit too floated. Must be the conceited self, nevertheless, the feeling is awesome. My flat mate mentioned about my ex-girl and the second sentence, I tell him, "aahh maybe you shouldn't. I feel way much above these worldly things and ub-productive banter". He looked shocked and had the expression, someone just forced his balls down his throat. I was never the one, not to listen to a thing. I always listened, maybe never told anyone or never bothered. But I listened, but this time I was feeling too very superior like the Gods, I didn't even want to listen to mundane simple things. But, the good part is, if you don''t want to listen, you in the first place don't have to talk and I was doing that. Nothing beside business in office and it seems to be working all the more better.

There was this Manager who is down in India, wanting to make the research group more focused and we had a meeting. She was a friend the last time during her visits and we did have some nice time gripping whiskey necks, but this time she was just the boss because I am in love with Nietzsche and Voltaire is keeping me busy, so didn't feel like sharing my time with mundane talks. I think, she expected me to make a mockery of the hierarchy and my indian seniors, the callous personality, she had judged me. Surprise was written all over, when I said about it like a columnist-consultant, speaking what I thought will be in the best interest of the group. Instead of breaking the shackles, I was speaking more about integrating the complete group and making it more hierarchical. She was left searching for words and she knew, we were no longer friends, not even acquaintances, she knew nothing about me or my abilities, apart from that I get my work done.

Saturday evening, I had this feeling to get some cold beer and pamper myself with some nice bites and a good crowd to watch. I didn't wanna make the journey alone and then thank god, for an amazing friend I have down here hailing from Mallya's City and yet a teetotaler , who don't mind sipping fruit-punchs and watch me get all foamy with the beer. I dropped in at the place she stays with some other nice people and then they made me realize what an amazing phenomenon the whole thing called females are. I was a bit hungry and the girls fix me up pakkodda in 20 minutes, just like what Amma makes. Boy, if things were always like this, then no wonder a lot of guys get married. Must be for the ease that women know to make of mens dietary needs. Pakodas over and the women not wasting much time for getting dressed up, we set of to a nice joint nearby. I am not a big fan of the discs, likes the old pubs and steak houses more. I guess this place was the closest we get to an old steak house here in Hyderabad. Couple of beers, listening to a guy play hotel california with his guitar and feeling thrilled about identifying the song just with the guitar finally, everything seems nice. I still feel like a tourist, visiting many a pub and eatery around here, trying places, people, knowing fully that I will go back to the serene green of my home town.

But this time, there is a peace inside me. I am going to have the best of my stay here, pamper myself with beer and road. Do the work, spend the 8 hours in office, but live actually outside it. Till the time, my pieces fall into place, keep doing what ever gets to my plate. And actually this feel nice as well. When I hear another friend make a complaint about a Manager, all I say is, 'she mus be having a tough time', usually a series of abuse follows and so do an attempt to get on logger heads with the said person.

Am I an escapist or an opportunist ?


  1. i've gone through the blog.
    good control and flow.
    keep writing...

  2. I agree with B,just go with the flow until you can make things the way you design.
    In the meanwhile gulp much of beer you can

  3. Sanjay @ Thanks bob and glad that you read ma posts :)

    Insignia and Anil @ going with the flow is working perfectly this time around..8 hours to be financially independent and not ring Appa for everything.. till the time the designs fall into place, I will just keep putting in the 8 hrs and live the rest :)

  4. Loved the post. You are neither an escapist nor an opportunist.You are - living! :-)


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