Monday, May 9, 2011

Spicy Andhra

I didn't feel alright, my stomach been burning since couple of days and I have been throwing up often. Inactivity doesn't suit me, but then if I don't really do anything I might stop eating as well. So many more, need grub much more than I do and to really do something and not just to feel weak and tired in the summer spent on a plateau. I am not a weakling, I am much more stronger than that. I have survived the scorching heat of Delhi, as a supposed to be intern, who canceled two months of his internship out of the three and set of discovering Delhi the old way. On foot with a good Eicher city map, figuring out the circles and chowkis for two months, with the sun smiling on me.

Called up Rohit and he was there as always, ready to hit the road. He was spending some time in Madras, the old city he grew, away from his rubber in Northern Kerala. That is the best thing about Rohit, ask him any time, he is game to hit the road. Thus my crazy tale of savoring Spicy Andhra over the last week end happened.

Being an unplanned venture, except the bare essentials like helmets and bikes and clothes, we set of with almost nothing of real use in a tough spot. No torch lights, no puncture kits, no sleeping bags, no candles, no extra petrol, no charger for the camera nor the phones and the list of 'no's keeps going until it ends finally at NO MAPS. All we had in the back pack was clothes and a loads and loads and loads of water. When we set of on the Saturday warm morning, both me and Rohit were clueless, what all to expect. All we knew was, we were un-armed, had a little money and loads of water to survive for a day at least in the scorching heat. Our aim was to complete a circle through Andhra Pradesh, with Hyderabad as the base, to Sri Sailam, the core area of Project tiger and then from there to Nagarjuna Sagar Dam. The few travelogues, I got to read talked about the renegade naxals being present in the Sri-Sailam Project Tiger Area and abducting travelers their latest resort to livelihood. But then, nothing confirmed it and yeah, if some thing like that happens, then I would possible be more happy rather than feel fear.


  1. Lots of travel! Good thing is a true passionate ones never mind the cold or the wind or the scorching heat. They just go on and on. You dont need a reason to take off!

  2. Insignia @ bless the mongrel inside me who keeps traveling somehow, through places of like, of interest and if nothing else try mark the territory a bit more wider with the trail of cigarette buds and burned tyres.. bless my appa and amma, who after I convinced them to act as to believe how safe an adventure it was with the bull has stopped interfering with my travels..finally, bless my firm which offers me a saturday and sunday, wherein i could burn more tyre and leave ma marks all over the Deccan as well..

    a thing to note is, my travels are making me a better human..i am in peace with myself and the nature..and have started to understand the tiniest roles humans have as individuals in the whole universe..

    Cheers to the road and all the other reasons behind smiles on all our faces :)


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