Monday, May 9, 2011

The Wonder Falls

The road seemed good, once we got of the city limits, exiting from a signal after the Charminar. Normal state roads, not something fancy like the express ways, but good enough for easy bike navigation. The sun was being merciless, but then we held steady our course.

In not much time the mile stones turned beneath the 100 KM and we saw this beaten track on to the left side, with an old sign post about a water fall 8 KM away. Didn't expect to see anyone around and we rode in. Miraculously a guy jumps in wearing some kind of uniform and we pay him the entry fees. We go on, not expecting to see anything much and a sick tale of a water fall, which got dried in summer. The road is brownish-red in color and seemed not to be used much. There were no signs of human settlement, a dry brownish terrain, with small trees and dry under-bush.

Turning a corner, finds a clearing in the forest and it turns out to be a field. And then more follows, some thatched houses and some beasts of labor grazing aimlessly with no complaints. There were no signs of electricity, forget electricity, we had a feeling they wouldn't have even heard about Hyderabad. I have been through many villages in the South of India, but nothing as remote as this one. Remote not from human settlement or technology, but remote from life.

Another village followed after another 6 kilometer and this one was even worse. Four thatched houses, 3 bullocks, 8 goats and 3 dogs were all that I got to see there outside. I wondered about their livelihood and soon the sign post read water falls.

There were  hardly any tourist present and the odd 5 of them present were leaving.  The moment I saw the foamy water, my mind knew, this was what I came riding. To shower under the fall, all alone as my personal belonging. I didn't expect the journey to bless me with a wonder-fall in Andhra, but I expected adventure and this sure was one. Definitely a welcome one in the sun. Stripped down to the boxers in moments and with the back pack secured at a dry place, I climbed through the slippery rocks to the bottom of the falls. There was not a great deal of water, only a little, from a distance. But then, getting closer I knew there was water enough to kill me, if I lose my grip while climbing. I didn't care and I climbed, Rohit followed closely, we always were people who behaved like the three musketeers, "all for one and one for all".

Made it to the big boulder some twenty feet above the ground, on which the entire water gets poured as if from heavens and then sprays down. Watching the miracle that water and sun light makes, rain bows form in front of ma eyes, layer after layer, all around, everywhere, ice cold water falling over me and washing of the scent of the dry road, I knew I was blessed. The heavenly shower in deep dry jungle in a secret green adobe, with the whole place to us, I truly knew, I was blessed.


  1. :-) As you tread the untrodden path, searching for something but you dont know whats that 'something' you are looking for; and then as if out of nowhere is a sight refreshing which makes you realize "Wow thats why I came this far".

    I remember a similar kind of experience when I went on a road trip along the Western ghats October 2009. Sudden unexpected rains ruined the initial plan to Goa. But didnt give up, traveled around to other plans in that rain which caused much havoc; driving through torrential rains; tire punctures many times, flooding, virtually no-roads...yet explored unlikeliest places; various detours and waterfalls, heavenly pine-like was one of my best trips which I am sure made me more happy than if I had gone to Goad.

    So I can relate to your joy :)

  2. Are you guys on an extended vacation?

    I suggest a bit of chivalry can be done without on such slippery rocks.Unless one is a professional rock climber.
    It is not that I having gotten old , but I guess sensible feel.Feeling blessed in those environment of paradise is one thing and getting bruised the wrong way is quite misbegotten. Take care.

  3. Insignia @ the unexpected gifts during the travels r d ones cherished the most.. :)

    Anil @ no extended vacation..just a weekend outing and the other partner in crime is another lawyer at the bar, who understood the reality that tending 'rubber' and 'pepper' in his land in northen kerala will fetch him more time to travel and more money to travel..

    the show of concern, i really appreciate it.. some things we did were quite stupid..we normally never resort to these..stays very much on the safe side..n must be d reason behind our 7 yrs of travel together with no mishaps..but this time we were a bit too thrilled by the sudden un-expected wonders we saw along the way..started of not expecting much n we quite saw a few things..guess was a bit carried away on the feeling of euphoria.. nothing bad happened n will be careful as always :)


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